I was shocked to read this morning that a cab had crashed into Solly’s last night, my favorite neighborhood bar. Almost immediately I got dressed and walked over there to see the damage. A cab had crashed completely through one of the bay windows. When I went there around 11 AM, there was already a construction crew working on patching up the damage. It looked like they were making significant progress. I brought my camera, but it just didn’t feel right to take any pictures.

The good news is that while a few people were injured, no one was seriously hurt. I just feel terrible for Solly, he’s such a friendly, great guy. He’s the type of local business owner you love. No news on when they will be able to reopen, but let’s hope it’s fast. It was great to see that they are already fixing up the building. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy and a greater bar. It’s really made me sad, my thoughts are with Solly and his wife and let’s hope they open up stronger than ever.