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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the hotly contested primary campaign is coming to an end, as today is election day. As you know, the primary really is the election for the heavily-Democratic District. Note: you can only vote if you are registered as a Democrat, Republican, or with the Green party – you can’t vote if you’re an independent. But you can register for your party of choice at your voting place and then vote.

You can find out where you’re supposed to vote here. Polls opened at 7 am and close at 8 pm.

wrote a primer on the 3 Democratic candidates running for the Ward 1 Councilmember a few weeks ago. You can find plenty of information about the mayoral race, as well as the councilmember-at-large races.

Go out and vote!

Fireflies, courtesy of L-ines (Flickr)

Fireflies, courtesy of L-ines (Flickr)

The reason there are so many fireflies in DC this summer? Too much rain, says WaPo: “This is firefly season in Washington, the best and brightest in several years. Scientists say a wet spring has made a lightning-bug-friendly region even more so, and hordes of the insects are now spending the last days of their lives floating over lawns and blinking in treetops.” Ah, mystery solved. Glad that wet weather led to something pleasant.

For various reasons, I’m looking for a new apartment in the U street area with my boyfriend. To leave the details intentionally vague, I believe we’re being discriminated against by a potential landlord. We make more than enough money to qualify for the lease, yet he is holding out for whatever reason.

DC has some of the most comprehensive fair housing laws in the country. A friend used to work for the National Fair Housing Alliance, and through talking to her I’ve learned a lot about fair housing. While federal laws state that you can’t be discriminated against based on “race, color, religion, sex, familial status, or national origin” as well as because of a disability, DC’s laws are much more comprehensive.

DC prohibits discrimination against “race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, familial status, family responsibilities, disability, matriculation, political affiliation, source of income, or place of residence or business of any individual.” I could probably make a case against discrimination in my case with at least three of those protected classes.

But is it worth it? I don’t really want to fight this landlord, because why would I want a landlord that is either unfamiliar with these laws or is familiar with them and doesn’t adhere to them? Regardless, it rightfully makes me very mad. I’m still looking for a new, better place on U street.

A quick round-up of what’s been happening in the U street area the past few days. I promise a more substantial post later, just been a bit too busy to write one.

Fixing the damage, courtesy of Allison Acosta (Flickr)

Fixing the damage, courtesy of Allison Acosta (Flickr)

I was planning on stopping by for a drink just in case they were open to show my support, but DCist confirms that Solly’s will be open for business tonight. They also have a lot more details about the accident:

There is now a pending arrest for Afework Behrane, the cabbie involved in the crash. He is still receiving treatment at GW Hospital for his injuries.

Behrane was operating the cab with a suspended driver’s license and an expired taxi license. He had picked up a fare across the street from Solly’s and, with the door still open, suddenly accelerated and hit right into the bar.

Those who were injured have suffered from a broken nose, lacerations, and bruises. Some were expected to have broken bones but with an x-ray that proved not to be the case.

I encourage everyone to stop by Solly’s in the next few days to show your support.

I was shocked to read this morning that a cab had crashed into Solly’s last night, my favorite neighborhood bar. Almost immediately I got dressed and walked over there to see the damage. A cab had crashed completely through one of the bay windows. When I went there around 11 AM, there was already a construction crew working on patching up the damage. It looked like they were making significant progress. I brought my camera, but it just didn’t feel right to take any pictures.

The good news is that while a few people were injured, no one was seriously hurt. I just feel terrible for Solly, he’s such a friendly, great guy. He’s the type of local business owner you love. No news on when they will be able to reopen, but let’s hope it’s fast. It was great to see that they are already fixing up the building. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy and a greater bar. It’s really made me sad, my thoughts are with Solly and his wife and let’s hope they open up stronger than ever.

Some news regarding the violence in Columbia Heights:

I’m glad that MPD seems to be doing such a good job making timely arrests on these murders. However, I’m sure many share the sentiment that I wish there were no murders to solve.

Instead of writing individual posts about a few incidents that have happened in the U street area, I’ve decided to do a quick round-up of the crime in the area:

  • DCist reports on a rash of hold-ups on U street-area Chinese take out restaurants. I can’t say I’ve ever actually eaten at any of these places, but I hope that the businesses are able to recover and no other restaurants are hit.
  • MPD’s 3rd district listserv reports on a police-related shooting on 16th and Kalorama, right near Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park. A police officer shot a suspect after he assaulted the police officer. The suspect is at a hospital recovering from a single gunshot wound and the police officer is in the hospital recovering from a head wound sustained during the incident. The Washington City Paper is reporting that the suspect was mentally ill. This is following the police-related shooting death of a mentally-ill man yesterday near H Street NE.

Also kids, it’s slippery out there, be careful where you’re going. I almost wiped out a few times on the short walk to/from the metro, and I’m from up North where we’re used to this kind of weather 6 months a year. Or something.

MCCXXIII, courtesy of NCinDC (Flickr)

MCCXXIII, courtesy of NCinDC (Flickr)

OK, I’m the first one to admit that MCCXXIII was pretty lame, but as a college student it was pretty freaking cool, at least before I turned 21 and could go to a real bar (then it was the Georgetown bar scene, which is a whole other thing). It was in that repertoire of Home (closed), Tequila Beach (closed), Yuca (closed), Lulu’s (closed), Pearl (closed), Apex (gay club still going strong), that were very popular in the under-21 college crowd when I was in college 5 years ag0, or so. Nearly all of them, now including MCCXXIII, have closed.

I had some memories in those places (I was going to type “good” or “fun” memories but I realize that I really had neither) and even though I didn’t step a foot in any of them after I turned 21, it’s still a bit sad to see them go. They were the only places under-21, fake ID-less college student me could go.

I mean, remember Spank, the top level of MCCXIII that was supposed to be super-exclusive? I remember feeling so cool sophomore year when me and my friends managed to score the right wristband to get up there one Thursday night. I’m pretty sure I wore it the next day to classes to show off my coolness. Yes, I’m glad those days are over, but let’s take a moment of silence for those not-so-great clubs of our college years that are no longer with us.

Obama inauguration, courtesy of Tiff (Flickr)

Obama inauguration, courtesy of Tiff (Flickr)

It’s been a busy past few weeks, from a job search, to working part-time, to getting a job offer, to deciding to take the job offer, to all of the paperwork after accepting the job offer. I start my job later this week, and still have a million things to do before I go in for my first day. Then I get bombarded with questions from well-meaning friends and relatives asking me what my big plans for the inauguration are, and my response is, well you know I’ve been a bit busy, I haven’t really thought that out.

Of course, I’d love to see BRUCE perform on the Mall. Totally want to see Obama’s inauguration speech in person. Though it’s probably not going to be the best place to fully listen to his speech, that’s what YouTube is for after the fact. But, is the absolute mess that’s going to be the Mall, and about a 2 mile radius of it, worth it? I’m not sure I’m convinced. Not to mention, I’m not even sure I have Tuesday off, still working on figuring that one out.

After Bush declared a state of emergency for DC (that sounds scary, doesn’t it?) I started getting worried. I wonder if it’s really going to be the mess that people are predicting: friends have predicted gridlock and mayhem Friday night till Wednesday morning.

Then there’s the whole restaurants being allowed to be open 24 hours and bars serving liquor until 4 am which makes me feel like U street is going to be a 24-hour-party zone. Google Maps does a good job of showing which establishments are going to be taking advantage of the special inauguration laws that allow them to do so. Crazy party zone is great and all, good fun. Not so much when you live on U street and don’t have great sound protection from your apartment and are a light sleeper.

Maybe I should just go hide in the suburbs and wait for it to be over. Or maybe I should just embrace the madness and enjoy it.