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I love Solly’s, it has been a favorite for meeting up with friends or catching a football game since I moved to the neighborhood almost five years ago.

Of course, back in the day Solly’s used to serve food – decent bar food that went well with beer. A few years ago they stopped, but now with their expansion into neighboring Madjet, Solly’s will be serving food again and hopefully gain some much needed space in the process. John Solomon, the owner, says that the renovation should take a month and couldĀ  be done as early as the end of February.

However, the question is: what is happening to Madjet? DC Eater (link above) called Madjet and the employee who answered the phone had not heard of Solly’s expansion. So we will see what happens with Madjet.

Solly's new(ish) window

Solly's new(ish) window

I’m a little late on this, Prince of Petworth reported on it, but Solly’s has fully fixed the bay window that was crashed into this winter. So glad to see it finally finished and to see Solly’s alive and stronger afterwards. Sorry for the bad photo, but I think you get the idea.

Solly's making progress

Solly's making progress

…on building a new bay window after the crash a few weeks ago. Glad to see they have opened some of it to let some light in. As some had noted, the downstairs bar has felt small and dark with the bay window gone. Here’s hoping they have the new window done soon, but when I spoke to Solly a few weeks ago he indicated it might take a while.

Poster on Solly's damaged wall

Poster on Solly's damaged wall

I went into Solly’s last night to show my support and hear more about the crash. I got a few minutes to talk to Solly himself and he told us that the fire department had been in earlier and determined there was no structural damage, which was why they were able to keep open. He also told us that he hadn’t been there at the time and that someone had to send him a picture to show him that they weren’t just yanking his chain. And, as to their decoration choices, he told us “Well, no one got hurt, so you just gotta laugh about it.”

Fixing the damage, courtesy of Allison Acosta (Flickr)

Fixing the damage, courtesy of Allison Acosta (Flickr)

I was planning on stopping by for a drink just in case they were open to show my support, but DCist confirms that Solly’s will be open for business tonight. They also have a lot more details about the accident:

There is now a pending arrest for Afework Behrane, the cabbie involved in the crash. He is still receiving treatment at GW Hospital for his injuries.

Behrane was operating the cab with a suspended driver’s license and an expired taxi license. He had picked up a fare across the street from Solly’s and, with the door still open, suddenly accelerated and hit right into the bar.

Those who were injured have suffered from a broken nose, lacerations, and bruises. Some were expected to have broken bones but with an x-ray that proved not to be the case.

I encourage everyone to stop by Solly’s in the next few days to show your support.

I was shocked to read this morning that a cab had crashed into Solly’s last night, my favorite neighborhood bar. Almost immediately I got dressed and walked over there to see the damage. A cab had crashed completely through one of the bay windows. When I went there around 11 AM, there was already a construction crew working on patching up the damage. It looked like they were making significant progress. I brought my camera, but it just didn’t feel right to take any pictures.

The good news is that while a few people were injured, no one was seriously hurt. I just feel terrible for Solly, he’s such a friendly, great guy. He’s the type of local business owner you love. No news on when they will be able to reopen, but let’s hope it’s fast. It was great to see that they are already fixing up the building. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy and a greater bar. It’s really made me sad, my thoughts are with Solly and his wife and let’s hope they open up stronger than ever.

Courtesy Mr. T in DC (Flickr)

Courtesy of Mr. T in DC (Flickr)

Solly’s is kind of my Cheers on U street. Yes, that old cliche, where everyone knows your name. Or at least, the owner, Solly (John Solomon) knows my name, and most of the bartenders recognize me.

I love Solly’s for everything it is, and everything it isn’t. It’s a relaxed, neighborhood spot, and it doesn’t try to be anything more. It’s where I go to get a $3 PBR and tater tots (yummy tater tots) with someone to have a quiet conversation. It’s my go-to place to watch football on Sunday, and it’s especially nice that they have a NFL sports package so I can watch my Patriots lose play even when they’re not on local cable. The bar doesn’t try too hard, some might call it a dive, but I just see it as more of a relaxed, neighborhood joint.

I like that Solly himself lives a few blocks away, and that I see him all the time in the neighborhood. I like that I see some of the same people there every Sunday for football. I like that the tables have old Sunday comics under the glass. I like that most of the time, when I walk in the door Solly is there to greet me. I like that they have fun events. And I like knowing that the good money I spend on PBR or Guinness, as well as tater tots and Buffalo wings, goes to a local business that I want to stay around.

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