On the dance floor, Patty Boom Boom


The scene: 11:30 on a Saturday night, and I’m waiting in line. I never wait in line, but I’m waiting to get into Patty Boom Boom. First: a friend is inside and she just found out she got into Yale. Second: I’m a bad blogger and still haven’t been to this hot spot 2 months after it opened. So I’m sucking it up and waiting in line. 

First impressions were wow, how U street has changed. When I moved here 3 years ago, there were no places you waited in line to get into. Second, it’s not exactly people from U street that are going to Patty Boom Boom, or at least not the people I was waiting in line with. The girl behind me thought that the bar she was waiting to get into didn’t have a name, the girl in front of me had no idea where they were in the city. Bridge and tunnel-ers, hello! 

Once we were inside, man is it HOT (as in temperature-wise), crowded, and loud. Good music is spinning, it’s eclectic, with a reggae-beat but with a lot of other styles mixed in. People are dancing, but not really. The crowd was as eclectic as the music, which was a nice but not exactly a surprise given the reggae influences of the bar. I wasn’t able to even get a drink because there were so many people by the bar, but I saw a lot of Red Stripes (go figure). A friend really enjoyed her Dark n’ Stormy (my personal favorite drink). 

Music videos at Patty Boom Boom


I had a bite of a friend’s beef patty. Not only does it smell good in there, the patties were good. I’m no expert on Jamaican food but the spices were complex, a little spicy but not overwhelming so. Another friend asked if I knew if the place was open during the day for food, and I honestly don’t but it would be a good place to grab a bite to eat. 

Overall, liked Patty Boom Boom, I feel like it really epitomizes the change in the ‘hood in the past couple of years, for good and for bad. I’ll definitely be back for dancing and patties.