Seemed like everyone enjoyed my list of businesses coming to the U street corridor. A commenter suggested I write a list of recently opened businesses along U street, as they’re hard to keep up with (I agree!) – so here’s a list of businesses that have opened along the 14th and U corridor in 2010 (there are a lot more that opened in late 2009 – think Cork Market, Masa 14, JJ’s Philly Cheesesteaks):

  • Angelico Pizza at 14/U – Formerly drunk-haven Jumbo Slice, Angelico Pizza, a local pizza chain, seems to be catering to the same drunk pizza crowd. U Street Girl says that based on a small sample it’s still best consumed drunk.
  • Bistro La Bonne at 13/U – This French-themed bistro opened after Axis closed in January. The same owners bring you good French cooking, a great beer list, and a relaxed vibe  – U Street Girl hasn’t been to dinner yet but gives thumbs up to their brunch.
  • Cork &  Fork at 14/Church – this local wine store chain opened in May. A lovely French family with a history of winemaking sells affordable wines. U Street Girl was skeptical as Cork Market is so close by, but loves the passion and knowledge that the family behind Cork & Fork offers.
  • Dickson Wine at 9/U – This wine bar concept from the guys behind Marvin, the Gibson, etc. opened in March. U Street Girl says that the food was really good, atmosphere cool, and recommends you sit at a table not at the bar-like seating.
  • Dodge City at 9/U – this quiet bar opened in April. A good beer list, no frills, not crowded, dance bar on the second floor – U Street Girl says this might be the one bar on U Street where you can get a seat and hear your companion.
  • Homemade Pizza Co. at 14/Church – This take a premade pizza home and stick it in an oven store opened in January. U Street Girl says my bad, still haven’t been. I like my pizzas homemade or already cooked from Pete’s or Coppi’s but I’ve heard from a friend that the pizzas are good but pricey.
  • Patty Boom Boom at 14/U – This Jamaican-themed bar opened in January. U Street Girl says the bridge and tunnel crowd lines up to get in during the weekend, but the vibe inside is chill and the music is fun. Plus the patties are great.
  • Pica Taco at 14/Florida – the second outpost for this small taco restaurant opened in April. U Street Girl says tacos are good, cheap, and a great “I forgot to make dinner” solution.
  • Point Chaud at 14/S – this creperie opened in June, serving a long list of savory and sweet crepes. U Street Girl says it’s good but hopes service will improve as the people who work there get more experience.
  • Room & Board at 14/T – this national, high-end furniture chain opened in June. 4 stories of beautiful furniture and a great roof deck. U Street Girl says it’s pretty but she can’t afford it.
  • U Street Music Hall at 12/U – This DJ-haven dance club, again from the Hilton brothers of Marvin, etc., opened in March. U Street Girl says sorry, I still haven’t been! It’s not really my scene but I do want to check it out, it’s on my to-do list.

On the dance floor, Patty Boom Boom


The scene: 11:30 on a Saturday night, and I’m waiting in line. I never wait in line, but I’m waiting to get into Patty Boom Boom. First: a friend is inside and she just found out she got into Yale. Second: I’m a bad blogger and still haven’t been to this hot spot 2 months after it opened. So I’m sucking it up and waiting in line. 

First impressions were wow, how U street has changed. When I moved here 3 years ago, there were no places you waited in line to get into. Second, it’s not exactly people from U street that are going to Patty Boom Boom, or at least not the people I was waiting in line with. The girl behind me thought that the bar she was waiting to get into didn’t have a name, the girl in front of me had no idea where they were in the city. Bridge and tunnel-ers, hello! 

Once we were inside, man is it HOT (as in temperature-wise), crowded, and loud. Good music is spinning, it’s eclectic, with a reggae-beat but with a lot of other styles mixed in. People are dancing, but not really. The crowd was as eclectic as the music, which was a nice but not exactly a surprise given the reggae influences of the bar. I wasn’t able to even get a drink because there were so many people by the bar, but I saw a lot of Red Stripes (go figure). A friend really enjoyed her Dark n’ Stormy (my personal favorite drink). 

Music videos at Patty Boom Boom


I had a bite of a friend’s beef patty. Not only does it smell good in there, the patties were good. I’m no expert on Jamaican food but the spices were complex, a little spicy but not overwhelming so. Another friend asked if I knew if the place was open during the day for food, and I honestly don’t but it would be a good place to grab a bite to eat. 

Overall, liked Patty Boom Boom, I feel like it really epitomizes the change in the ‘hood in the past couple of years, for good and for bad. I’ll definitely be back for dancing and patties.

Urban Daddy is reporting that Patty Boom Boom will be officially open today (January 7th). They also have more information about the concept, which reinforces my comment “doesn’t this look like a takeout joint?” because it turns out, it kind of is. Excited for it to open, it seems super chill.

Do you think it looks ready to open permanently on New Year’s? Is it just me or does it look like a takeout place?

Peak into Patty Boom Boom

Peak into Patty Boom Boom part 2

Patty Patty Boom Boom in November

In the past few weeks, over 200 300 of you have searched for Patty Boom Boom and found my blog. So I gather there’s a lot of interest around the soon-t0-be opened Jamaican restaurant/bar. If you missed my post on New Year’s Eve on U street yesterday, I mentioned that if you go to Marvin’s Block Party you will get a sneak peek of Patty Boom Boom. I called Marvin to confirm any opening date and the girl who answered the phone seemed to think it would be open after New Year’s Eve, but honestly I wasn’t sure that she was sure. I also asked the Internets (via Twitter) if anyone had any info on a opening date and had no luck.

Until a few weeks ago you could take a look in at the progress at the spot, but they have since put up paper on the windows, denying any onlookers a progress report.  Correction: as I walked by Patty Boom Boom on my way to the Metro this morning I saw that they had taken the paper down, and it really doesn’t look like they’re ready to open by New Year’s. The picture from this post is from November. I’ll update with more pictures if I can later tonight.

Tell me if you’re going to Marvin/Patty Boom Boom for New Year’s and send me pics if you take any!

2001 14th Street's building permit

2001 14th Street's building permit

Prince of Petworth mentioned last week that the building next to Marvin, at 2001 14th street, is going to be Patty Boom Boom, when before, he and others, had reported that a building around the corner, at 1359 U street would be the location. I went back to the two buildings and checked out their permits to see what I could find out.

1359 U street will be Patty Boom Boom, according to the permit on the window. The building permit is for demolition. The owner of the building is listed as Yama Jewayni, a co-owner of Marvin (scroll down on link for article on Marvin), which makes sense as many have reported Patty Boom Boom as coming from the owners of Marvin.

The building around the corner, at 2001 14th street, is listed as being owned by Thomas Tsianakas, long the owner of the property going back to when it was a Burger King.  The building permit is listed for a 2 story addition as well as renovation to the existing building.

Patty Boom Boom's building permit

Patty Boom Boom's building permit

So, problem sort of solved: these buildings are owned by two different individuals and apparently seem to be unrelated. However, I have another question, while inspecting the building permits I noticed that both had expired, yet construction appears to be on-going. The one on 2001 14th street expired in 2007 and the one on Patty Boom Boom’s location expired in 2008. Anyone know how that’s possible or is it illegal?