Insipired Yoga

Some good news on the U Street yoga front: first, and most exciting to me, Kyra from Inspired Yoga is in DC this weekend. She will be teaching two classes on Sunday: one from 11-1 pm at the Lululemon Georgetown store, and one from 7-8:30 pm at the Josephine Butler Parks Center (15th and Euclid – where they held classes before they left DC). The Lululemon class is $20 pre-register, $25 at the door. The Josephine Butler class is $20, or $15 if you went to the Lululemon class too. Email Kyra at for more details – or go onto PayPal and enter to sign up for classes.

In other news, Inspired’s old space on U Street is finally leased out. Just took a year and three months – Buddha B Yoga Center opened in the spot last weekend. Looks like they have a pretty varied schedule.

This Saturday is Columbia Heights Day and the inaugural first DC State Fair (yes I realize that’s a bit of a misnomer). From 10 am to 6 pm, throughout Columbia Heights, there will be events at Bloombar (yoga, live music), contests at Tubman Park at 11th and Irving (dog show, cupcake eating contest), and specials at a lot of local restaurants (Wonderland Ballroom, CommonWealth, Meridian Pint).

Local food bloggers Gradually Greener, Modern Domestic, and the Indoor Garden(er) are putting together the DC State Fair – events will take place at Tubman Elementary Field and will include a pie, jam, home brewer, pickle, biggest vegetable, and best tomato contest.  

Amelia of Gradually Greener says, “there are so many organizations in the District with a focus on agriculture, so many community gardens, and so much focus right now on agriculture and home gardening in general, that it would be a disservice to the community NOT to have a gathering to celebrate urban agriculture! And D.C. is full of people who love cooking, baking, home canning, and so forth. Anywhere else in the country, you’d be able to enter your prize tomato or secret-recipe pie in the county fair. We thought D.C. residents should have the same opportunity.”

Amen Amelia! I’m excited to check everything out, it sounds like the weather will be perfect Saturday – so see you there!

Renovated building at 13th/U

I met with Kim Weeks, owner of Boundless Yoga, this week to talk about the building at 13/U to which her studio will be moving. First, Boundless Yoga will be opening in September – Kim’s lease at her current space at 15/U ends at August 31st so she’s pretty confident they’ll be open in September. The studio will be two floors, 2,500 square feet, have views of the Washington Monument, a rope wall, and offering many more classes. I will hopefully have some more details for you about the interior some time next week.

Now, the news I have about the ground floor leaves me a bit disappointed. Kim confirmed that Georgetown Valet will be the only ground floor retail (sigh). I was hoping something else might come to the space, perhaps something the neighborhood didn’t have a ton of (and that there wasn’t the same store 2 blocks away…) but oh well. No word on when Georgetown Valet will open but I assume it’s around September too.

13th and U to be Boundless Yoga

PoP reported this yesterday, after I noticed serious construction on the facade of the building a few weeks ago. Boundless is currently at 15th and U in a basement space, they will be moving to the 2nd floor and will have 2 studios. I am currently taking classes at Tranquil Space, but they really are a bit crowded for me. Maybe I’ll try Boundless’s new space when it opens over the summer.

No word on what is coming to the first floor, but just for the record, my vote is a bookstore.

As per a newsletter sent out Wednesday, Inspired Yoga is officially moving to the Josephine Butler Parks Center on 15th and Chapin on September 1st. Kyra says:

This new location will give us the room we need to accommodate our ever growing IY community. Classes will be held in the large ballroom on the second floor which has gorgeous views and overlooks the park. You will love the parquet floors, chandelier and fireplace. Although or schedule will change slightly, the most popular classes will be held as scheduled & we will also be adding some new lower priced classes. We  look forward to having this opportunity to offer you the same dynamic & inspired classes in a much larger and historic space.

If you’ve been to Inspired Yoga, or you haven’t, let’s support the studio in this time of transition. If you’ve ever been to a class, you know the studio is an open, welcoming environment and a strong community. I will be going to more classes than ever in support of Kyra and Inspired Yoga.

Insipired Yoga

Insipired Yoga

After a particularly sweaty yoga class Tuesday, Kyra let us know that there was a strong possibility Inspired Yoga might be moving from it’s current location at 12th and U to the Josephine Butler Parks Center at 15th and Chapin, across the street from Malcolm X Park. This change could happen on September 1st, as their lease at 12th and U will be expiring August 31st. It seemed that they’ve been having some trouble with their landlord, and while the move could be scary (will people make the 10 minute walk over to the new place?), I see a lot of potential. The new space would be significantly larger than their current one, which, while lovely, could easily get packed. The class sizes have just continued to grow in the past few months, and having more room will be good.

I will post more information once Kyra and Inspired Yoga get the official word.

Past tense yoga in the park

Past tense yoga in the park

To celebrate opening a new yoga studio, Past Tense, in Mt. Pleasant on Mt. Pleasant Road and Park Road, the studio is having a free yoga class, Sunday at 7 pm. The class will be held in the park at 17th and Lamont. I’m all about free yoga outside, so if you’re in the area check it out.

The studio is also having a great deal on monthy yoga plasses – $79 of unlimited monthly yoga. That is a great deal! I currently am paying $100/month at my studio, which is a good deal, but $79/month is a great deal. The first day of classes is Monday, so check it out. Best of luck to the owners in their new venture!

Insipired Yoga at 12th and U

Insipired Yoga at 12th and U

Any yoga fans out there? Sometimes I really want to get to a yoga class but something comes in the way, whether it’s meeting up a with a friend or having to do extra work or not just being in the mood. Sometimes I do yoga at home, and do have yoga on DVD, but sometimes, because I have a roommate and only one TV, it’s not quite practical to use them.

Kyra, owner and teacher at Inspired Yoga, comes to the rescue, she has a 45 minute yoga practice  podcast to download on their website. She classifies it as an “intermediate” practice, so if you’re new to yoga it’s probably not for you. I’ve been going to Kyra’s classes for nearly 2 years, she has a sense of humor, knows how to challenge you, and also knows how to help you calm down. And I love the idea of just listening to your iPod and sneaking off somewhere to do some yoga. I might be tempted to find an empty conference room at work and do yoga instead of taking an hour to eat lunch…

Insipired Yoga at 12th and U

Insipired Yoga at 12th and U

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for nearly 8 years. I made yoga a regular practice more than two years ago when I was marginally employed and living in the West End area after graduating from college. It was a repetitive, calming process, going to yoga at my local WSC four times a week. It wasn’t though, particularly challenging.

Then I moved to the U street corridor, and almost immediately noticed that there was a yoga studio right near my place. How convenient. Inspired Yoga immediately renewed my interest and devotion to a regular yoga practice. While still offering a calm place to rest my often over-active mind, Inspired instructors challenged my practice to grow and expand beyond what it was. I feel stronger, more present, and happier when I go to yoga classes at Inspired. It might be cliche, but it’s true.

However, even more important than a challenging yoga practice, Inspired Yoga has offered me a sense of community. All of the teachers are friendly and eager to listen; they also have an incredible knack to say exactly what you need to hear. There is a sense of warmth and comfort when I walk into the studio, one I usually only associate with coming home. That’s something special.

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