The wonderful ribeye bahn mi

A friend texted me Friday morning, suggesting a foodie adventure. My response? Dickson Wine. I’ve heard such wonderful things about the food, I just had to go. We showed up at 7, only to find a bouncer/host letting us know that they weren’t even letting anyone in, but they’d take our number and it’d be 45 minutes. Promptly at 7:45, we were seated on the second floor on the bar/ledge. A downside: this bar must have only been 6 or 8 inches long, I was worried a plate would tilt and spill all over me… oh and there was the fact that the second floor bar space looked down on the first floor. A lady with a skirt or dress could easily expose herself more than she wanted to. But, the scene is very cool, a wall decorated with empty wine bottles, 3 floors of tables – all communal.

But let’s get to the food. We ordered the tuna crudo, duck prosciutto, bayley hazen blue cheese, the ribeye bahn mi, and the goat cheese and leek flatbread. I was a particular fan of the ribeye bahn mi (ah-mazing) and the goat cheese and leek flatbread. The charcuterie came with bread as well as mustard and apricot jam. The tuna crudo was good, though not great, but there was tons of it. The cheese and charcuterie selection was nicely edited, though I found out I’m not a fan of duck prosciutto, as nice as it sounds. Just too fatty for me.

Beautiful wall of wine bottles

Now, onto the drinks. None of us were in the mood for wine – but we had some cocktails. The French 75, a classic, was good. The Cherry Pop (as recommended by We Love DC) was a bit strong but very nice – refreshing. I ordered the ginger ale because I’ve been trying to cut back on drinks – they had a really¬†good Fever Tree ginger ale that was nicely spicy.

We had the creme brulee trio for dessert, a nice small ending to a good meal. The most impressive thing, really, was the bill. While we didn’t order a bottle of wine, 3 of us ate for under $100. I was really expecting it to be at least $20 or $30 more than what it was. And the service? friendly, personable, speedy.

So, first impressions? Pretty freaking good. I’ll definitely be back, but probably on a week day. And hopefully sitting at a table.


Dickson Wine open

Even though the couple of times I’ve walked by the place after work (around 5 or 6 pm) Dickson Wine at 9th and U has very much not been open (I guess they have a later opening time), I have word from Renew Shaw and Metrocurean that the bar is open. Looking forward to checking it out, promise I’ll get there earlier than the other places that have recently opened in the ‘hood. If you’ve been, what do you think? Renew Shaw and Metrocurean have nothing but positive things to say.

Du Vin Osteria coming

Du Vin Osteria, a wine bar that will be serving small plates, cheese, and charcuterie, will be opening on 14th and Florida. The wine bar will also have sidewalk seating. It will be opening in the Solea building. Now, I might be among a few that are thinking “really? another wine bar?” but I am also glad to see retail come to this part of 14th street. No ETA on the place, yet Du Vin Osteria’s Facebook page indicates it will be open in summer of 2010.

No cool street art after all

I had hoped the wine bar/bakery place that will open (when? I’m not sure) on 14th street just north of U would keep all of the cool graffiti and street art on the side of the walls. But, I noticed they painted over the homeless man protesting the closing of a shelter so I can only guess the rest will follow. I thought it would add cool decor to the place and remind you of the history of the space. Oh well.

An update of what’s happening in the ‘hood: