An intrepid reader over at Prince of Petworth noticed some work going on at the roof of the old AM PM Carryout/possible new La Fonda location. Would be nice to get that space moving – as it’s been vacant for more than a year now.

Appears that there are a few construction permits on the property according to DC PIVS – the most recent being supporting roof and a new staircase, as well as a basement extension – so looks like we will see more work on the building soon.

Proposed building at 15th and V

Well, this is a strange place to put a modern apartment building: in the parking lot of the affordable senior housing at 15th and V. Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association reports that  Jair Lynch Development Partners, who built Solea at 14th and Belmont, is proposing a 95-unit, 9-story building.

Lynch has acquired the property and plans to renovate the affordable senior housing complex, upgrading the units, common areas, and elevators.  The outdoor area will also be redesigned for residents and will incorporate more green space. The project has been submitted to the Historic Preservation Review Board for review.

This isn’t really the post I wanted to write, apologies for being absent – my life has been a bit crazy lately.

If you haven’t heard, there was a shooting yesterday afternoon at the corner of 14th and V. Two young men, Marquette Hunter, 19, and Devon Norace, 20, were shot in the leg/ankle area in what appears to be a drive-by-shooting that was related. Police are reportedly looking for a dark blue, late model Honda or Camry in connection with the shooting.

The area was shutdown for a few hours yesterday afternoon for the investigation, but since then everything has been reopened. I will update if more information becomes available.

Pork sandwich at American Ice Company

Last week, in the midst of the glorious warm weather (sigh, are you missing that?),  a few friends and I went to American Ice Company (10th and V Street) for the first time. The place was understandably crowded given their large outdoor space: they also have a garage like window that they opened up, so that even if you were sitting inside you felt like you were outside as well.

We snatched a table and ordered some beers: they have a nice selection of pretty affordable choices (but Guinness is $8 there – what?). I’m pretty sure our waitress used to bartend at the Gibson, I’ve had her a few times and she was excellent, so the bar for service was set high. Unfortunately, it wasn’t met – she had trouble hearing our orders because it was so loud, and for some reason didn’t write anything down. I ended up getting charged for a beer I didn’t order and we had to correct that. Certainly, at a more down-home place like American Ice Company the service shouldn’t be on par with the Gibson, but I was a bit disappointed.

We also ordered some food: pork sandwiches, the turkey plate, chili con queso, and of course the pickle platter (if you know me well you know I love pickles). The barbeque style food was good, but didn’t blow any of us away. I might be from Massachusetts, but I think I know barbeque pretty well and while the ‘que was good I imagine it’s not going to draw barbeque enthusiasts in.

Overall, American Ice Company is a fun place to meet for a few beers and food, but it gets crowded pretty fast and I’ve heard is intolerable during weekends, unfortunately like most of our bars in the U Street area.

Abandoned auto shop at 11th and V

I think the answer to the above question is a whole lot of nothing. A reader wrote in wondering what was happening at the property that used to be Michael’s Auto Repair. The property has been empty for at least 5 years, if not longer. Now that that stretch of V Street is picking up with the opening of American Ice Company, you think something might be happening at this location. Right now the location is zoned for medium density/mixed use is owned by a Pierce Investments, LLC, which doesn’t seem to have a footprint online. The address listed for the company is a condo building near 11th and Q. The company bought the property in 2007 and has had late tax fees assessed against them ever since.

Seems like at one point this property was going to become a condo building, but the last I’ve heard of that was back in 2008.

Anyone know what’s happening at this property? Any prospects you know of?

American Ice Company, old Google Maps photo

Their name and the day they are opening are very appropriate: it’s so freaking cold outside. American Ice Company (Vermont/V), the bar/BBQ joint from the Hilton brothers of Marvin, etc. will be opening Thursday Wednesday. Thanks for commenter Katie for pointing me in the direction of this TBD article that quotes the owner as changing the date to Thursday. If you stop by, let me know how it is in the comments.

Last night, at approximately 7 pm, police were called to the 1400 block of V street following gun shots. They observed the suspect and pursued him on foot. They caught him trying to dump the gun and arrested him, recovering the gun. I walked by here maybe 30 minutes earlier, and saw a ton of police at 14th and W, wondering what happened. I don’t know if these incidents are related, but I’m really sick of reading about stuff like this going down: maybe it’s my other gig making me more aware. But it seems like in the past few weeks there has been a lot of disheartening news.

American Ice Company, old Google Maps photo

I haven’t covered this soon-to-open business as well as I’d have liked, so here is an update. American Ice Company, coming from the Hilton brothers of Marvin, Patty Boom Boom etc. fame, will be a barbeque and beer joint at V and Vermont.

American Ice Company will have a fairly large outdoor seating area, which lead some area residents to complain about potential noise issues.

Prince of Petworth has photos of the interior. It looks pretty nice, with a warehouse, eclectic vibe.

Gutted building at La Fonda

As you can see, the interior of the old AM/PM Carryout has been completely gutted in preparation for the renovations for La Fonda (14/V). The owners of the restaurant appeared in front of ANC 1B in October to present their application for a class C restaurant license. Yeah, I realize that was awhile ago. I’ve been busy.

We learned a lot more about the establishment: the owners will do a lot of renovation, including the construction of a new facade. This will have to be approved by the Historic Preservation Review Board, as the building is an historic structure.

Also the really long hours that are on the application are apparently a typo: they don’t intend to be open from 8 am to 2 am. At first, the ANC protested the restaurant’s application because of peace, order, quiet, and parking. However, in the November meeting they removed this protest based on a voluntary agreement they had established.

No word on when they plan on opening but considering the amount of work they plan on doing, I wouldn’t imagine it’s in the immediate future.

A commenter noted on my blog that the owners of Dupont Italian Kitchen are opening La Fonda. Well, with some Internet research, I can kind of confirm this information. The owners of 2100 14th Street are Mansour Askarinam and Vahid Asksrinam (that might be a typo on DC Property Information Verification System’s part). Their contact address is listed as 1637 17th Street, none other than the location of Dupont Italian Kitchen. Apologies for the screen shot, but DC PIVS doesn’t actually have a way to link to this information.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the owners of the building will be opening the restaurant, but there is at least some tie to Dupont Italian Kitchen. Not exactly something I’m happy to hear about, honestly, as Dupont Italian Kitchen doesn’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to food.

In other news, I can confirm that the community center attached to the address is also closing. There is a alcoholic license application on the V side of the property, with the La Fonda information.