It’s been a bit over a month since U Wine and Beer reopened following the fire they suffered over the summer. I am finally taking the time to show everyone how nice the upgraded store is. U Wine and Beer’s beer and wine selection keeps on getting better. The owner, Steve, is really great at finding new, interesting, and unusual beers to feature in his store. Hands down, he has the best beer selection in the U street neighborhood.

Best part of the upgraded store, beyond the pretty finishes, is the small selection of food – cheese, crackers, snacks – that U Wine and Beer is now carrying. I love that it’s becoming a one-stop shop for a drink and some nibbles. So glad to see them continue to flourish. Stop on by if you haven’t in a while, don’t forget this gem on U street.

I’m sorry – that was such an awful headline. Prince of Petworth stopped by U Wine and Beer, which suffered a fire last week, to see that they hope to reopen in the next two to three weeks. A lot of their inventory was unharmed, and to recoup the expense of fixing the fire damage and being closed, they are selling discounted wine and beer in the alley behind their building starting today. Stop by and pick up a bottle of wine or two to help them out in this tough time.

UPDATE: U Wine and Beer reports they were denied the special permit required to hold this sale, therefore it has been canceled. Normally I would understand why ABRA would be against a sale like this, but considering the circumstances I would think they would let them do it.

Fire at U Wine and Beer

I’m sad to report that there was an early morning fire at U Wine and Beer in between 13th and 14th streets on U. Walking by this morning, there did appear to be some damage, but there were already workers on the scene fixing it. It did look like they lost a lot of their inventory. I did not have an opportunity to speak to the owner to see how long they will be closed, but here’s hoping it’s not too long.

Steve Tekle, owner of new Aroma Bakery and the U Wine and Beer store, told me last week that he was working with the current owner of Maggie Moos on U street to buy all of the equipment and take over their lease. It wasn’t a done deal yet so he didn’t want me to write anything about it on my blog. However, now that Prince of Petworth has confirmed it I guess I can write about it too.

Steve will not be keeping the franchise of Maggie Moos (woo hoo!) but will keep the location as an ice cream shop. When we were talking he said that he thought the location could do a lot better, that the service wasn’t that great and the ice cream was overpriced (part of it being a franchise made the ice cream expensive). I agree with him, and on top of that the ice cream isn’t very good. I can count the number of times I’ve been in Maggie Moos on one hand and I’ve lived in the area nearly 3 years. I’m excited for a better, cheaper ice cream place on U street and wish Steve the best of luck!

Dollar store, closed

Dollar store, closed

The Dollar Store on U street between 13th and 14th seems to have closed for business Monday. They were having a going out of business sale, but it looks like they were all done Monday. Thanks from the tip from reader Paul for the intel (you think I would have noticed since I pass by here at least once a day).

The owner is/was Steve Tekle; he also owns U Wine and Beer across the street – which shows no signs of closing, by the way. I ran into him the other day and it totally slipped my mind to ask him what was happening to the store. So I’m not sure if he’s closing it because of  bad sales but trying to open something new in the space, if he’s giving up the space, or what. I run into him semi-regularly, he’s one of the local business owners I’m friendly with, so I’ll be sure to ask him the next time around and get some information. That’s a great location so it would be interesting to see him do something else with the space.