U Wine and Beer back open

I heard word from owner Steve Tekle that U Wine and Beer is back open following a fire that closed them down back in July.

Glad to hear that they are finally back in business, everyone stop by and say hello.

U Wine and Beer

U Wine and Beer

Do you shop at U Wine and Beer? It’s owned by Steve Tekle, who also owns the Dollar Store across the street. Sounds like a completely unremarkable place, but I appreciate it because the owner’s always friendly, the beer and wine choices are solid, and Steve knows who I am. (Does it say something that the two business owners in the neighborhood who know me own a bar and a liquor store? Nah, I don’t think so).

Steve is uber-friendly, I soon learned that while he was born in Ethiopia, he’d lived for some time in Sweden before coming to the US in 1999. He always waves hi when I see him walking around the neighborhood, and makes me feel more like U street is my home.

Well now they’re (triumphantly so, they had to fight to get the right license – see above link) holding wine tastings with different wines each Friday from 5 -8 pm, and if you decide to buy one of the wines you taste, you get 10% off. Helped tremendously when trying to pick what wine to serve with dinner the other night.