Construction at taqueria

It seemed like for a while nothing was happening at the forthcoming taqueria on 14th street. However, I walked by this weekend to see this, so it looks like movement is beginning again. The taqueria, from the owners of Masa 14 started construction last summer. Let’s hope it opens soon.

Roof deck floor plan

Sommer Mathis from TBD got her hands on the floor plans for the taqueria coming to 14th and S by the people behind Masa 14. The restaurant will have three floors: a bar/lounge/restaurant in the basement, a bar and grill with a late-night carry out spot on the first floor, and a 99-seat rooftop patio/deck.

Additionally, the restaurant just got unanimous backing from the ANC 1B commission on their liquor license. No timeline, however, on when they’ll open. Let’s hope soon!

Tacos from Masa 14, courtesy of synaethesia, Flickr

There have been rumors that the new taqueria coming on 14th street is from the owners of Masa 14. The name on the permit for the taqueria is Andrew J. Kline – the same lawyer who represents Masa 14. While Andrew Kline represents a lot of entities looking to secure permits, I think the above facts speak strong enough that I can safely confirm that Masa 14 is behind the taqueria coming to the vacant property. This is very exciting, glad to see the guys behind Masa 14 expanding.

Desperado Burgers & Bar, coming soon

Hi all, I’m back from Charlottesville: drank some wine, saw some great architecture, ate some good food.

If you remember, we heard that Port Orleans, a burger spot was coming to the old Polly’s space, from the same owners of the Angelico’s Pizza next door. Well, there is a burger place coming but it’s going to be called Desperado Burgers & Bar. Desperado Burgers doesn’t seem to be a chain. And there will be free delivery, which will be nice.

Looks like it will be open in the next few weeks, if I were a betting type.

  • In other news, as I reported last week, there is a restaurant coming to 1819 14th street, next to Black Cat. Prince of Petworth found on the liquor license that the space will be a taqueria with a summer garden and live music.