Mural, courtesy of DCist

Thanks to Aaron at DCist for spotting this awesome mural that’s gone up at 15th and U. Aaron explains that the building is owned by DC Vote founder Daniel Solomon. DCist reports that the mural was something that Solomon had been aiming to do for some time. Think it looks pretty great, and is quite a statement.


Trial of a Lifetime?

Anyone know what this is? I tried Googling and came up with nothing. The posters are all around the 14th and U area. Well, watch out when May 10th comes. I guess?

UPDATE: Turns out Prince of Petworth asked the same question to his readers today and those with smartphones came up with the answer, the barcode links to the website about Robert Wone’s murder – the trial starts on May 10th.

No cool street art after all

I had hoped the wine bar/bakery place that will open (when? I’m not sure) on 14th street just north of U would keep all of the cool graffiti and street art on the side of the walls. But, I noticed they painted over the homeless man protesting the closing of a shelter so I can only guess the rest will follow. I thought it would add cool decor to the place and remind you of the history of the space. Oh well.