A lot of great news has come through this week in the neighborhood, so instead of writing up separate posts, here’s a quick update:

  • Mova, the gay bar that used to be open on P Street, is apparently opening their new 14th and W location tonight, according to their Twitter feed. However, there’s still paper on the windows – so we’ll see what happens
  • The old Shirt Laundry will be a Stephen Starr restaurant, a second location of his Philly restaurant Parc – which I happen to have been to and liked immensely. Looks like they are hoping to open mid-2012
  • There will be a vintage pop up space, Mimilah, in the old Mid City Caffe location starting this weekend – great to see this space being used

Anything else I missed? Share it in the comments and I will update.

Great news via a few sources in the past few days: a lot of the rumors of some great restaurants coming to 14th street are coming true. Here’s a breakdown of the news:

  • Burger fumes – confirmed. Rogue States, which had to close their Dupont location because of a lawsuit over their burger fumes is opening a location – named Black and Orange, at 1931 14th street, as we had speculated. This is GREAT news. They’re hoping to open in early September, but they’ve admitted that might be a stretch.
  • Rumors that Stephen Starr, a behemoth in the restaurant scene in Philadelphia, is opening a restaurant along 14th street have also proven true. Lydia DePillis says that Starr’s restaurant group is close to signing a lease at the old Shirt Laundry space to open a new location of its French restaurant Parc. I have actually been to Parc – and it was pretty damn good – casual French bistro at its best.
  • And more news from DePillis! JBG’s District Condos project, soon to be at 14th and S, might have two restaurant tenants: a project by Estadio’s Mark Kuller (although his rep denies this), and a sister restaurant to Ted’s Bulletin on Barracks Row.
  • And if DePillis couldn’t break anymore news, she’s also saying that the old Arena Stage spot at 14th and T (read about the history of the building here) will become a Matchbox.

Was that all the news you could use, or what?