Friday at 2 am, a man was fatally stabbed on the 9th street, between U and T.  Thanks to MPD, a suspect has already been arrested. The victim was identified as 40-year-old Assefaw Teweld Hagos of  Silver Spring. This is one of the first murders I’ve had to write about in 2010, and while I’m sorry to hear that the victim died, I’m glad that MPD was able to arrest the suspect so quickly.

Around 4 am Saturday, there was a robbery and stabbing in Columbia Heights, at Fairmont and 11th street. MPD says that two females were robbed by two males, at which time the females fled from the scene and “obtained assistance from several citizens” (um, why weren’t you calling 911 instead?). Then, these “citizens” confronted the two men who robbed these women, and one of the suspects had a knife and stabbed one of the “citizens” in the chest. The victim is in stable condition.

With the limited information that MPD released, I originally questioned these people’s actions. I apologize if I offended anyone. The only point I wanted to make was: a crime gets committed, you call 911. It’s dangerous to confront individuals that just committed a crime, especially one of like a robbery.

DCist is reporting there might have been another stabbing in/right outside of Malcolm X park. Police have apparently cordoned off part of 15th street because of blood on the sidewalk, apparently from a stabbing victim. Dear readers, I would go out and investigate but have you been outside? I nearly melted when I went out late this morning. More info as it comes out on the Internets.

UPDATE: A commenter to the DCist post has claimed to be a friend of the “late victim,” obviously intimating the supposed stabbing victim has died. This is from a commenter on DCist, not exactly the most trusted source of information, so take it with a grain of salt.

And I’ve been proven wrong, by Prince of Petworth, who has confirmed the stabbing. The Park Police are handling the investigation, which is why there has been nothing on the MPD listserv. PoP has received confirmation from Jim Graham’s office and MPD. The victim is expected to survive the attack, and the suspect is still at large.

He also raises a good question of what a blogger’s responsibility is to report on unconfirmed reports of violence. I’m not sure he went about it the right way, his original post just printed an email he received from someone who passed the scene, and the title of the post presented the stabbing as fact, so if you read it quickly you would have assumed it true. The post didn’t question the reliability of the email. In the content of the post, PoP didn’t present the stabbing as fact but he also didn’t clearly point out that the story was unconfirmed either. I do appreciate that he was able to follow up (even though it was news we all didn’t want to hear, that the stabbing had happened) and post something more about the topic.

I’m on vacation, and this really was not something I wanted to see after spending the day frolicking in the North End and taking a game in at Fenway… but Prince of Petworth is reporting there was a stabbing at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park around 6 pm on Saturday. However, MPD has posted nothing on their listserv so for now I’m seeing this as a unsubstantiated story, and really hoping it isn’t true. I live across the street from the park, go there  often to read/picnic, walk through the park to get to different places, and a stabbing is not really what anyone wants.

I’ll update more on this story as I can.

UPDATE: As of Monday morning, there is still nothing on the MPD listserv and they are very good about posting timely information about crime. I’m calling this a misinformed reader writing into Prince of Petworth after hearing a rumor. I’m sure there was some kind of activity at the park at the time, perhaps a fight, perhaps someone needed medical attention because they were intoxicated, but at this point I don’t believe it was a stabbing.

Here’s a quick round-up of crime in the ‘hood:

  • You’ve probably heard about the shooting on the 1200 block of Clifton on Thursday, where two victims were shot, though not critically.
  • There was a fatal stabbing on 14th and Otis early Sunday morning.

Let’s just hope that the warmer weather doesn’t see more violence.

Enjoying being able to sleep in after not getting much sleep the night before, I wasn’t exactly happy to wake up to this from DCist: a little after 4 pm yesterday a man was stabbed on 12th and U – you know that’s practically outside my front door. I was at a movie at the time downtown.

The victim is in stable condition and police are investigating. I don’t know, when I moved to this neighborhood nearly 2 years ago, I wasn’t facing this kind of violence outside of my front door. I know it’s the city, and I’m not living in Friendship Heights, but this really has been a little too much for me to handle.

DCist reports that there has been an arrest made in the stabbing in front of the U street metro station on Saturday. The Washington Post reports that the stabbing stemmed from an argument outside of Republic Gardens and that security cameras at the metro station aided in the arrest. The article also reports that more arrests may be made in connection to the stabbing.

I’m glad to see arrests being made so quickly on the violence that has ravaged the area in the past few days. Kudos to police for moving quickly. Don’t I wish though, that the violence hadn’t happened in the first place.

Yikes, this has really been a violent few days in my neighborhood. A teen was stabbed at the U street metro station Saturday night, around 9:20 pm. He actually got on the metro afterwards and then got off at Columbia Heights (presumably to flee from his stabbers?), where he finally received medical attention. The teen’s wounds aren’t  life-threatening.

Holy crap. Between the three incidents I reported on Thursday and the fatal stabbing in Columbia Heights on Friday and this, a lot of blood has been shed. It hasn’t been the most violent few days in DC for the year, but it certainly has been concentrated in my neighborhood and the surrounding ones.  I know my neighborhood is still safe, that these incidents are all most likely gang-related, but it still doesn’t make a girl feel good to know someone was stabbed a block away from where she lives.