Need to stock up on some goods for the holiday cooking season? Stop by Whole Foods today (either the P Street location or the Georgetown location) and 5% of ALL Sales will double food stamps and WIC at area farmers markets, including the 14&U farmers market for the 2012 season.

Robin Shuster, who runs a few area farmers markets, has put this all together – helping this program means that those less fortunate get to eat good veggies and fruit from area farmers markets. So stop by Whole Foods today and stock up.

Ginger Roots, courtesy of Quarter Life

Thanks to Quarter Life, I was able to read all about a new vintage store/boutique coming to 1530 U Street: Ginger Roots. They will have their grand opening in September in the same building as District Shades. They had a soft opening last weekend, which Quarter Life attended (she has tons more photos so check her post out).

Ginger Roots will features local artisans and eco-friendly goodies. There will also be original designs by ReVamped, the owners Kristen and Erin’s own label of remade vintage clothing. The owners work at Treasury, the great vintage shop on 14th street, and are now opening their own.

Stay tuned on an actual date on opening, I’m excited for another vintage boutique in a neighborhood that is quickly becoming a destination for vintage boutique shopping.

Look, Washington Post, I like you as a paper, generally. I think you do a good job covering national issues, I like your online chats and some of your blogs, but I have a huge issue with your laughable concept of local coverage. You are, whether you like it or not, published in Washington DC. You are not USA Today, a shamelessly national paper. Do a better job covering the city you’re published in.

If you can devote the resources it takes to write a 1305 word story (and take the time to email me, a local blogger, plugging the story) about post-ironic, quasi-hipsters and their trips to the freakin’ Target in Columbia Heights, you have the resources to write more than 42 words (!!) about this questionable, kind of scary Columbia Heights police shooting. This is a real story in the neighborhood, affecting people, hard news vs soft news as you in the J-business might call it. A man was shot and killed by a security guard at 9 pm on Friday night in Columbia Heights. Someone lost his life. Devote resources to a well-written, well researched article about that? Nah, let’s cover f&*#ing “hipsters” and their struggles with being all ironic and becoming domestic and suburban in hard-hitting Columbia Heights. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME?!

Shame on you, Washington Post. No wonder newspapers are going to shit.

The farmers' market last fall, courtesy of M.V. Jantzen

The farmers' market last fall, courtesy of M.V. Jantzen

Now this is when you know spring has really started, the 14th and U farmers’ market is opening is this Saturday, May 2nd. I expect green garlic (yum!), good salad greens, a lot of herbs, asparagus, and maybe some strawberries (might be a little too early). I will fully report back with my bounty later.

P.S. I might or might not have realized I myself, U Street Girl, am actually in this photo. Yes, I love the farmers’ market and am there every weekend, rain or shine.

Finally, Uncle Brutha's!

Finally, Uncle Brutha's!

I had noticed that Ben’s Next Door served my favorite hot sauce, by Uncle Brutha’s, which immediately earned the restaurant credibility in my book. However, when I recently ran out of my supply, I beleaguered the fact that I couldn’t find another hot sauce that stood up to it, and was having trouble locating the stuff since their store closed at Eastern Market. Then I saw PoP’s post on Uncle Brutha’s, saying they’d opened a temporary store in Adams Morgan. Great! However, I walked over there and it turns out the temporary store has closed. Sizing up my options and considering buying on the Internet, I saw that Uncle Brutha’s website had been updated to tell me that Next Door not only serves their hot sauce, they sell it as well.


I went in after work today, to stock up on my Uncle Brutha’s. I don’t think anyone else had come in to buy it, but they were helpful and courteous as they got the sauce and wrung me up. So hot sauce fiends, here’s a tip: buy your Uncle Brutha’s at Next Door.

Via DCist, who also has more information on the homicide in Columbia Heights yesterday, I learned of a Festivus celebration in Adams Morgan today.

I gotta say, after losing my job yesterday, I’m not really feeling the holiday spirit. Not only can I not afford to buy anyone presents, but after spending some time in Georgetown yesterday with obnoxious college kids and ridiculously rich old people wandering around spending like there was no tomorrow, I wasn’t exactly feeling good about anyone spending a ton of money with the state of the world right now.

Hence, the draw of Festivus. With the airing of grievances (man, I have a lot of grievances to air!), the feats of strength, a stoic display of brawn, and the undecorated, minimalist aluminum pole I’m certainly getting into the Festivus spirit. Consider me a convert.

For your viewing pleasure: Festivus on Youtube.

Yes! in Adams Morgan, courtesy of M.V. Jantzen (Flickr)

Yes! in Cleveland Park, courtesy of M.V. Jantzen (Flickr)

I was so excited for Yes! Organic Market on 14th and V to open. It was supposed to open in Spring 2008, and it didn’t end up opening until November, a few weeks ago. I have no idea what took so long.

I’m sorry, it sucks.

First of all, the “market” descriptor is accurate: it’s no grocery store. It’s TINY. And nearly a third of the store is dedicated to various supplements and lotions. I tried to do my full grocery shopping there last week, with ingredients like sirloin steak, lemons, scallions, and various other basic things that people who actually cook would buy. I had trouble finding many items, and when I did, I wasn’t exactly excited about the quality. Or the price. While some things were on special at a reasonable price (no good deal though) the prices were high. Too high for what they’re offering.

I guess I was naive to think that Yes! Organic Market would be my solution to no “real” grocery stores in my immediate area (perhaps I should have done more research). Sure, I usually walk to Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan or Whole Paycheck in Logan Circle, but those are both 15 minute walks from my place. Not exactly ideal when you’re a car-free city dweller and have to haul groceries yourself, but I manage. The idea of walking maybe 5 minutes to a “real” grocery store where I could do all of my shopping was so exciting. Too bad Yes! Organic Market doesn’t fit that description.

It’s a place I might stop by to pick up an odd ingredient, because it’s so close to where I live. It also has some pretty neat speciality items, Reed’s Ginger ice cream anyone? But I won’t (and can’t) do all of my grocery shopping there. It’s pretty much on par at Best in DC (a bit of a misnomer, if I may say so), on 15th and U, which is a good place to drop in to get the odd ingredient, but can get pricey. I’d kind of rather shop there because at least I’m supporting a local family instead of a chain.