This isn’t really the post I wanted to write, apologies for being absent – my life has been a bit crazy lately.

If you haven’t heard, there was a shooting yesterday afternoon at the corner of 14th and V. Two young men, Marquette Hunter, 19, and Devon Norace, 20, were shot in the leg/ankle area in what appears to be a drive-by-shooting that was related. Police are reportedly looking for a dark blue, late model Honda or Camry in connection with the shooting.

The area was shutdown for a few hours yesterday afternoon for the investigation, but since then everything has been reopened. I will update if more information becomes available.

Scene of the crime, courtesy of Maverick1303

Around 11:40 last night MPD officers heard gun shots in the 9th and Westminster area (Westminster is between T and S between 10th and 9th Streets). They found a man suffering from gun shot wounds and transported him to the hospital. The victim was later pronounced dead.

There has been a disturbing amount of violence in the U street area in the past month or so. I don’t know why this up tick in violence is happening but it really concerns me.

UPDATE: Police have identified the victim as 24-year-old Ronald Johnson of Northeast DC.

MPD arrested Brandon Miller, 21, of the 12002100 block of Girard Street NW (EDIT: Washington Post corrected the address, I’ve updated it). He has been charged with first degree murder.

Police are searching for one other person in connection with the shooting. They are also looking for information on a 2001 white Buick with DC tags seen leaving the crime scene.

Walking home from the metro yesterday, from the 10th street exit, not my normal 13th street one, I thought a lot about what had happened. I took a detoured route; I couldn’t walk on U street, as it was still partially shut down to pedestrians.

This is perhaps the most brazen act of violence that has happened in DC in the past year (unfortunately the other funeral-related shooting this year probably trumps it). It was certainly the most brazen violence on U street in 3 or 4 years, if not longer. There was a daytime shooting, on a Tuesday, outside of the bar I watch football at every Sunday.

It has become clear that this shooting took place after a funeral for a 21-year-old woman who was murdered less than two weeks ago. That, in itself, is so shocking to me. But, unfortunately, violence following a funeral for a murder victim isn’t exactly unprecedented in DC.

The people involved are mostly gang members from the Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights area. TBD wrote a great story profiling the life of Jamal Coates, the man who died. They talk a lot with Brian Weaver, former Ward 1 councilmember candidate, and long time youth worker in the Adams Morgan, who knows the 1-7 gang. He said that the shooting came out of two gangs taunting each other at the funeral. What can you say to that, other than wow? In what world do you taunt each other at a funeral of a young woman who was murdered?

Jamal Coates was trying to make his life better, get away from the life of the 1-7 crew. It’s such a familiar story. It’s so often a losing battle for people who come out of tough situations like he did.

This was a step back for our neighborhood. In reputation, of course, but also for everyone who lives here and loves it. My heart is very heavy thinking about what has happened.

You have to congratulate MPD: they have made an arrest regarding last Wendesday’s shooting in Adams Morgan. 17-year-old Robert Givens was arrested and charged as an adult, with first degree murder in connection with the murder of 19-year-old Sean Robinson.

They also made a second arrest in the June homicide of Victor Chigoziri MBA-Jonas Jr in Adams Morgan. They arrested 18 year-old Nathan Dwayne Headspeath, who was charged with first degree murder.

DCist also has some interesting information about the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, and their connection with a lot of young men who have been involved in shootings this year.

There was a shooting on the 2500 block of Mozart Place in Adams Morgan Wednesday night around 9:15. Dave Stroup has been live tweeting on the scene, 1 adult male was taken to the hospital and died from his injuries. Dave has really been doing an excellent job reporting this story.

I will update as more information as available.

There has been very few violence in our neighborhood so far, so unfortunately I had a feeling that something might happen soon. MPD has only announced that there was a shooting at the 2400 block of 17th street (right near the Harris Teeter), with no more information on the victim’s condition, identity, or any other details about the crime. I’ll update as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: DCist is reporting that police reports say two black males — one six-foot with dreads in a white tank and blue jeans, the second in non-descript dark clothing shot a yet unidentified victim.

UPDATE 2: Prince of Petworth also heard from MPD that the victim is an adult male who is in critical condition.

According to MPD’s listserv (which you apparently need to be a member of to view the messages now – so sorry you’ll have to log in to see the post) there was a shooting at 11th and Florida/Sherman Ave around 4 am (I assume this morning). The victim is an adult male, and has been transported to a hospital. MPD provided no more information about his condition.

This is what’s been happening in the ‘hood the last few days:

You know, this is enough. MPD is reporting a child was shot and fatally wounded at 1400 Columbia Road last night. I certainly heard all of the helicopters starting around 10 pm. I knew something bad had happened. This is horrible.

Jim Graham has more information:

“Just before 10 PM, a nine year old boy was shot dead in the presumed safety of his apartment at 1433 Columbia Road. At this time, it appears that there was some kind of fight in the hallway, shots were fired, one of which entered the apartment and killed this boy. I have the name of the boy (who happens to be Latino) but I am not releasing it since I do not know whether the entire family has been notified.

Chief Lanier and Mayor Fenty–who were both on the scene– stated that there are persons in custody.”

I guess that’s good at least? Before I even saw this I could figure it was crossfire that this kid was caught in. I am so disgusted.

UPDATE: Three persons of interest were questioned in relation to the murder, but MPD has announced no arrest, says WaPo.

UDPATE 2: The child has been identified as Oscar Fuentes. His family said that the locks on the apartment building’s front door had been broken for months. The family also believes MS 13 might have been involved in the shooting.