This is what’s been happening in the ‘hood the last few days:

Long View Gallery

Long View Gallery

I might not cover it enough, but I’m a big art lover, so when I was invited to go to Long View Gallery‘s grand opening at their new, larger location, I had to go. The grand opening features art from some of DC’s best known artists: Dana Ellyn, Steve Pyke, Scott Brooks, and Drew Ernst, for example. And, as mentioned above: the space is huge, we’re talking 5000 square feet of space, pretty perfect for an event, which is why they plan to rent out the space as well as use it for a gallery. It has an unfinished warehouse type feel, not unlike many art galleries in the area.

So, check out the new space, their hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm. And check out some of the featured art at my Flickr photostream.

MPD’s 3rd district listserv reports that there was a murder on Georgia Ave and Gresham Place at approximately 6 pm tonight. According to MPD a group of males got in a fight, and one of the males sustained injuries that required medical care. He died at the hospital from his injuries.

It’s not known what injuries the victim sustained or if this was gang-related. Let’s hope MPD continues their track record of making speedy arrests following violent incidents on our streets.

UPDATE: Jim Graham, via PoP, notifies us that the murder on Georgia and Gresham Place was a stabbing. Additionally, there was another shooting on the 1300 block of Columbia Road last night, where an innocent bystander was shot during a gun fight. The bystander’s injuries do not seem to be life threatening (she was shot in the leg after a bullet penetrated the car she was sitting in). This is following Paul Jones’s murder on that block last month.

UPDATE 2: WaPo identifies the victim as Chiagbanwe Ukaoma, 22.

The Washington Blade, via DCist, has identified the murder victim on 11th and Q last night as Durval V. Martins, a gay man. He was shot multiple times and all of his valuables were found on him.

This comes at a time of not only heightened violence in the area, but violence against gays, especially in the Shaw and Logan Circle areas. In the past few months…

Not only does there seem to be increased gang violence, the number of hate crimes against the gay community have increased as well. Now, no motive has a been established for the murder victim at 11th and Q, but for some reason I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he happened to be gay.

This is getting ridiculous. Here’s a round up of violence in the area:

I don’t know if there’s much I can say that hasn’t already been said or that won’t come off as terribly cliche. I can say though, that I am disheartened with the level of violence in my neighborhood and the surrounding neighbhorhoods in the past week.

UPDATE: Man, after just writing this DCist links to info on ANOTHER fatal shooting in my neighborhood. This one is about 4 blocks from my apartment. There was a fatal shooting at the skating park at 11th and Q around 3:30 am, so far not much more info. I don’t know how safe I feel in my ‘hood anymore.

UPDATE 2: DCist reports that there have been multiple arrests on the fatal stabbing in Columbia Heights on Friday. Good to know that at least law enforcement seems to be moving quickly to arrest individuals responsible for the attacks.