Go Mama Go! (courtesy of NCinDC)

Well this really is sad news. Go Mama Go!, the eclectic arts and gifts store on 14th street near S, is closing after nearly 10 years on the block. Go Mama Go! was truly a pioneer of our neighborhood, one of the first stores to open on a stretch of pawn shops, car dealerships, and empty/abandoned storefronts. The owner, Noi Chudnoff, who died in 2007, really was an ambassador for the neighborhood, a champion of gay rights, a lover of the arts.

The store continued on after Noi’s death, but in a press release (via Borderstan) the current owner of the store, Jonathan Chudnoff, her husband, explained that after Noi died and because of the economic downturn in general, the store was closing. They will be having a going out of business sale through January, and close some time in February or March, until the building owner finds a new tenant.

How sad, please visit Go Mama Go! before they close, and tell them how much they’ve meant for the neighborhood and how much they’ll be missed.


Insipired Yoga, closing

It is with a sad heart that I write this, as Inspired Yoga had become my yoga home in my 2+ years in the area, but Inspired Yoga announced today that it will be closing at the end of November. Owner Kyra, with Michael, will leave to travel in Vietnam, teaching yoga, and eventually relocate to LA to be closer with one of their favorite teachers, Saul David Raye.

After Inspired Yoga had moved to their current location at the Josephine Butler Center in September, they had to cut their schedule because of the location’s restrictions. While beautiful, the space isn’t quite a yoga studio, and I had hoped the location was temporary until they found something more suitable and permanent. They have existed in Adams Morgan, U street, and now Columbia Heights for 8 years. They have had over 6,000 students. It’s a sad day for yoga in DC, but I wish Kyra and Michael the best. Namaste.

And, now that it seems that I’m going to need to find a new studio, does anyone have any recommendations for the U street area? I’m looking for a practice that is challenging, yet relaxing and soothing, hotter yoga would be nice but not required. Teachers that really let you focus on your breath. Any recommendations?

What a sad sight

What a sad sight

This is (or was?) a sweet business sign for the hair dresser on 14th street between U and Wallach (or is it Wallach and T?) but it’s been nearly ruined by graffiti. Check out the sign in its former glory over at PoP (ok not complete glory but before the graffiti ruined it). Sad sight. And sorry for all of the parenthesis in this post, it just made sense as I was writing it.

UPDATE: Even sadder, I walked by on Saturday and now the sign has been completely painted over.

A sad round-up. It’s not been a great few days…

I’m shocked to read that, according to DCist, Mocha Hut has closed. It was one of my go to places to get breakfast on a weekend, and whenever I was there they always seemed to be crowded. I usually had trouble getting a table if I went in after 10 am.

DCist reports:

According to office staff at the Ellington apartment building, which shares their address, Mocha Hut’s owners had planned to stay open until the end of the month, and unexpectedly decided to close early. Another owner plans to take over the space in April. The new owners reportedly plan to keep the business as a coffee shop, though we don’t yet know what changes they might make to the space or the menu.

I’m sad. I hope the new coffee place is good, but I’m always going to have a place in my heart for Mocha Hut’s breakfasts. It had become a cherished weekend ritual to go there at least once during the weekend to get some breakfast.