Pulled pork at Standard

Saturday afternoon, hiding from the second hail storm of the day – I ducked into Standard (14/S) for some barbecue. Dining companion and I split a pulled pork sandwich, some fries, and got Cokes (they have ones with real sugar you know). As we were sitting inside, it was a bit cramped. Everyone outside had to move indoors (save a few brave souls) once the hail started falling.

The pulled pork sandwich was good, had a nice tang to it, but I have to say – I’ve never met a pulled pork sandwich I didn’t like. The buns were not toasted, making them soggy rather quickly – as well as making the sandwich difficult to eat. But this kind of food is supposed to be messy, no? The fries were good, clearly hand cut and nicely crispy. The Cokes though, were nearly $3 for 12 ounces. I get real sugar Cokes are going to be more expensive, but you can get the same Cokes at Pica Taco a few blocks away and they are not $3.

Overall impressions of Standard were pretty good – I didn’t get to enjoy the outdoor dining, but the food is solid. The biggest problem now is the difficulties of getting a seat outside on a nice day – you must go early.

Have you been? What did you think?

Standard's menu, courtesy of @DCBrit

Standard, which at one point was going to be a burger place modeled on New York’s shake shack, is now open in the old (old) Garden District space at 14th and S. The restaurant now is barbecue based, with very odd pricing. Check out the menu – what is wrong with having rounded off numbers?

I walked by this weekend and it was packed with people enjoying the weather and beer. I’ll be sure to stop by soon – but have you been?  What did you think?

Progress at burger spot

Thanks to reader Ron for sending this picture in. It looks like a lot of progress has been made at the forthcoming burger spot opening in the old Garden District space at 14th and S. They have benches out and seems like some work has been done on the inside. Plus they have those lights strung up. After all the trouble the place was having opening up, I’m glad to see progress. I would probably hedge my bets that they’ll be open once warmer weather is here to stay.

Space where the deli was to open

If you remember, when the news first broke that a deli might come to 12th/S, the only information I could find about Charles Emor, the would-be owner, is that he was found guilty of stealing computers from his charter schools. Some people knocked me for publishing this information, as they didn’t see it as relevant.

Well, now we know Charles Emor is no longer associated with the opening of this business, and I think we found out why. The Washington Post recently published a story (thanks to commenter Brian for flagging it) that Emor was charged with stealing $2.4 million in government special education grants and spending the money on cars, electronics, and jewelry.

So, not only is the guy not associated with the would-be deli (we’re not sure what’s happening with it now) he hasn’t changed.

District Condos coming to 14th and S

I couldn’t make it out to the opening event (full time job and all) but those who could have the details about District Condos, the mixed-use project coming to 14th and S. A lot of the details are things we knew already, but we do have an estimated opening date: Spring 2012.

Is the deli still coming?

I hadn’t heard anything about the deli that was supposed to open at the long-vacant property at 12th and S, so I stopped by. Unfortunately, the signs that announced the license hearing are down, and the property looks like it hasn’t been touched since May, when the signs went up.

I did some Googling to see if there was any information about the license hearing, but I couldn’t find anything besides the fact that the hearing had been postponed from July to September. Does anyone know what happened?

UPDATE: The owner of the property (I have confirmed he’s the owner via the DC Property Information Verification System) has commented and said that ”[the building] was rented to a tenant to open a business (coffee shop/deli). After 2 years of negotiating with the Zoning process they had to drop the project. I have since taken over the rezoning and gained overwhelming support from both the neighbors and the ANC.” See his full comment in the comment section. I wish him good luck, as I don’t think anyone wants to see this property vacant.

Demolition order

There are demolish notices all along the buildings on 14/S – they are making way for a new mixed use project from JBG. 14thandYou has the details, they spoke to the project manager of the development.

The project will have 125 condos (mostly 1 bedrooms and studios) and over 18,000 square feet of retail. The project will most likely feature two restaurants–one larger and one smaller. While we’re all clamoring for local businesses, the project has no mandate to include them, though JBG says they will try.

Demolishing will start soon, and JBG hopes the project will open in the spring or summer of 2012.

12th/S building to become deli

This property has been empty for years, but clearly used to be a bodega/convenience store of some kind. There’s a notice up saying that Charles Emor wants to change the license for a deli/prepared food shop. This sounds like good news, but after I googled Charles Emor, to perhaps read about other businesses ventures he might own, all I found was stories about a Charles Emor who ran a DC charter school and was sentenced 1 year in prison for his part in a stolen computers ring. I have no idea if this is the same Charles Emor, but it’s quite a rare name – there are only 3 in the United States. So, I think odds are it is.  While I’m not sure that it matters, it’s all I could find when Googling, so I thought I’d share.

Burger/beer place no longer?

The sign with the permitting info for the supposedly forthcoming burger/beer place at 14th and S is down. After 14thandYou detailed the trouble the owner was having with the ANC 1B Commission regarding their operating hours – think they gave up? Anyone have any info?

The Bureau of Misdirected Destiny

So I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this sign before. This is at the empty lot on the north side of S street near 14th. Sadly, I think the bureau has been closed for a while.

Thanks to some Googling (and Herb of DC) I learned that this is the remnants of work of artists Matthew McGuinness and Eliza Newman Saul as part of SiteProjects DC and has been around since at least the summer 0f 2007.