Looks like they'll have an open kitchen

Chairs are ready!

Walked by Estadio this weekend and it looks so close to opening. They have the furniture ready and everything. I’m getting really excited about this!

Sneak peek into Estadio

Estadio, the Spanish pintxo and tapas bar from the owners of a U Street Girl favorite Proof, is coming to 14th and Church. Metrocurean has the ETA as Summer 2010, as early as June. By the state of affairs inside though, I’m not sure they’ll reach that June date.

Here are some bits of news that I haven’t covered on my blog just because so many things have been happening that I haven’t completely caught up:

  • Tom Sietsema broke the news that the old indoor Garden District space will become Estadio, a Spanish restaurant from the group that brought you Proof. I loved my birthday dinner at Proof so I’m pretty excited about this development.
  • MPD’s 3rd district listserv has information about a pretty scary altercation that happened at 16th and U on Sunday afternoon – a fight that started in the McDonald’s escalated to someone pulling a gun and hitting a victim with a bat before the assailant got away.
  • Tom Sietsema also reports that there is a new chef at U Street Girl favorite, Creme. Orlando Hitzig, formerly of Columbia Firehouse, will be cooking nightly specials to showcase his cooking, but no fears, Creme lovers, the fabulous shrimp and grits stay on the menu.
  • And, DCist has pictures of a contrary-flow bike lane that has been installed on 15th street from U to Massachusetts Ave.