Prince of Petworth has the information here. An individual did¬†pass away¬†outside of the park, but it was from a head wound sustained while intoxicated, walking home from a club. How sad. CDR Groomes, who PoP spoke to, said “ABRA is being asked to investigate what actions club took when they put out such an intoxicated patron and their lack of calling the ambulance when he fell.”

And I’ve been proven wrong, by Prince of Petworth, who has confirmed the stabbing. The Park Police are handling the investigation, which is why there has been nothing on the MPD listserv. PoP has received confirmation from Jim Graham’s office and MPD. The victim is expected to survive the attack, and the suspect is still at large.

He also raises a good question of what a blogger’s responsibility is to report on unconfirmed reports of violence. I’m not sure he went about it the right way, his original post just printed an email he received from someone who passed the scene, and the title of the post presented the stabbing as fact, so if you read it quickly you would have assumed it true. The post didn’t question the reliability of the email. In the content of the post, PoP didn’t present the stabbing as fact but he also didn’t clearly point out that the story was unconfirmed either. I do appreciate that he was able to follow up (even though it was news we all didn’t want to hear, that the stabbing had happened) and post something more about the topic.