The sign is up!

So the sign is up for Desperado’s, the burger and bar place coming to the old Polly’s location. Looking good, I’d expect they’d open within a week or two. (And I’m a bad blogger, sorry for the poor quality photo).

Desperado Burgers & Bar, coming soon

Hi all, I’m back from Charlottesville: drank some wine, saw some great architecture, ate some good food.

If you remember, we heard that Port Orleans, a burger spot was coming to the old Polly’s space, from the same owners of the Angelico’s Pizza next door. Well, there is a burger place coming but it’s going to be called Desperado Burgers & Bar. Desperado Burgers doesn’t seem to be a chain. And there will be free delivery, which will be nice.

Looks like it will be open in the next few weeks, if I were a betting type.

  • In other news, as I reported last week, there is a restaurant coming to 1819 14th street, next to Black Cat. Prince of Petworth found on the liquor license that the space will be a taqueria with a summer garden and live music.

Wet Paint at old Polly's location

We’d already heard the rumor that the owners of neighboring Angelico’s Pizza were opening a new restaurant/bar at the old Polly’s location. Now a commenter on Prince of Petworth is saying that the place is owned by the Angelico Pizza people, and will become Port Orleans, a burger spot.

Not sure how excited people are going to be about this (other commenters on PoP expressed concern regarding the cleanliness/quality of food at Angelico’s) but I’m glad that the space won’t be empty.

Wet Paint at old Polly's location

Walking home from the metro after work the past few days, I’ve noticed that there’s been some activity at the old Polly’s spot. There seems to be stuff going on inside, and they’ve also painted the fence all black. Unless you didn’t know, Polly’s closed back in February. I can’t say I know what is happening – anyone know?

UPDATE: A couple of people have told me that the owners of Angelico’s Pizza, next door, are renovating the place. Not much word on what the new place might be, possibly a restaurant/bar.

Polly's courtesy of Vote Prime (Flickr)

I apologize that I’m just posting on this, but I’m at a class all week that has left me with zero Internet access during the day, and I didn’t get home until late last night. Prince of Petworth reported, and their webite confirmed, that Polly’s has closed. While it was never horribly busy I don’t think anyone realized it was doing that poorly. The website says they will post a personal note later and I will make sure to publish it once I’m able.