Thanks to Lisa from Quarter Life for spotting this (she really is the go to source for everything vintage in the area). Dr. K’s Vintage Store is coming to 16/U, a spot formerly held by Pink November. I’m not exactly surprised that Pink November closed, as it wasn’t affordable, nor were the people working there very friendly. They never really seemed to get back on their feet after their first store closed at 13/U.

Dr. K’s will make the 1500 block of U Street something of a destination for vintage shoppers. Lisa wondered if this could be bad for the other shops, but I think that it will mean a lot of people will come just to visit all of the shops, and not favor one over the other.

No word on when Dr. K’s is opening, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Construction at 13th and U

Seems like there’s some construction on the facade of the building at the corner of 13th and U, where Pink November and George’s Shoe Repair used to be. As I walked to the metro this morning they were ripping down the pink and white awning of the old Pink November store. I take this as an indication that whatever is coming there might be one step closer (which I wrote about nearly a year ago), as I’m in a good mood this morning.

Thanks so much, reader Kevin for sending in the photo!

Pink November's new location

Pink November's new location

Guess I’m stating the obvious, but I went into Pink November’s new location on U street the other day, hoping to get the scoop about their new location and perhaps do some shopping. However, I quickly realized I could afford… nothing. The cheapest item I could find was a pretty boring T-shirt for $92, most of the dresses were in the $250 to $400 range and the most expensive was nearly $1000. OK, no shopping for me, but what about the new location?

I went on a weekday afternoon, and I knew it would be empty. I was hoping, though, that I would be able to talk to whomever was working there. However, the whole 15 minutes I spent in the store subtly trying to get the woman’s attention, she was on the phone ignoring me. So, Pink November: still unaffordable and now sort of unfriendly. I don’t want to knock any local businesses, I want to support them, but I think it would behove them to at least greet their customers as they enter and leave the store, especially when it’s empty.

Didn’t have my camera with me, but I noticed that Pink November has reopened in a storefront on 16th and U. They seemed to have had their grand reopening yesterday, as they had plenty of pink balloons to mark the occasion. I tried going on their website to find more information, but it appears to either be not working, or gone. I’m glad they were able to find a new place to open on U street, I always enjoyed walking by their old storefront and drooling at pretty dresses that I couldn’t afford.

Construction permit

Construction permit

Walking by the other day, I noticed some guys in the old Pink November store on 13th and U doing something construction related. On closer inspection, the owners of the building, Robey Real Estate Enterprises (they don’t seem to have a website), have obtained a permit to do internal demolition for future renovation. This is good news, I think, and while I have no idea what the owners will use the space for, it’s good to see progress on an empty storefront on U street.