Terrific Inn

Taking a stroll over the weekend, as the weather was beautiful, I walked down a block I hadn’t in a while: the 1200 block of T street. I feel like I’d noticed this building before, but couldn’t remember what it was: Terrific Inn/Inc – which appeared to me to be an inn. There were also somewhat creepy descriptors on the sign: care, touch, smile. I just couldn’t help but picture this wacky inn that drew in tourists that didn’t know any better.

So, I took to the internet: TERRIFIC actually stands for Temporary Emergency Residential Resource Institute for Families in Crisis Рand is a nonprofit organization that provides housing, care, and social services to families in crisis. The organization has been around since 1987, when they opened Grandma’s House as a home for abandoned, abused, neglected, prenatally-drug exposed and HIV-infected children. The building on T street is actually a 14 unit, subsidized housing complex for elderly and disabled persons.

So, if you’ve ever walked by Terrific Inc. and wondered what exactly they did: now you know. And if you’re looking for a place to volunteer, you can be a big brother or sister or help by assisting direct care providers, providing professional and clerical services, or fundraising.

Live jazz at HR-57

Live jazz at HR-57

I think I’m pretty lucky to live around the corner from where Duke Ellington was born. I love that the history of jazz in the U street area, when it was once known as Black Broadway, means that Thai restaurants and Caribbean restaurants have a jazz night just because they’re on U street. Of course, there are also jazz clubs Twins Jazz and Bohemian Caverns. Then there’s HR-57, my favorite out of all of them.

HR-57 is named after the House Resolution passed over 20 years ago designating jazz as “a rare and valuable national American treasure.” HR-57 was founded 15 years ago to preserve our rare and valuable national treasure and operates as a nonprofit.

There are world renowned jazz musicians who come to play and local jazz musicians. There’s live music Wednesday through Saturday. The cover is $8 for a week night and $12 for a weekend. Corkage fee is $3 a person, and while you can buy glasses of wine or a bottle of beer there, most bring their own. They’ll open your bottle and give you some plastic glasses if you haven’t brought your own.

Heading to HR-57 is a favorite activity for a lowkey night where you don’t feel like a crazy night out but don’t feel like a quiet night in either. While it’s not conducive for conversation, it is a great venue for live jazz.

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