Apologies for the lack of posts this week, your dear blogger has been battling a pretty rough stomach bug. But I’m feeling better, and here are some links to what’s been happening in the ‘hood:

  • Demolition is starting for the District Condos project at 14th/S, as construction is pretty much booming along 14th street with the start of the YMCA project at 14/W and the old Nehemiah Center at 14/Belmont.
  • 14thandYou has some good updates on various restaurant projects on the 14th street corridor, including news about Italian Shirt Laundry.
  • MOVA Lounge, the gay bar that used to be at P and 14th, is looking to reopen on U Street.

This morning, TBD, a new venture in local news, launched. What is TBD? TBD is a local news network with TV and an online presence. They are using new media in a wonderful way, writing their own stories, linking to others, and creating a dialogue about the area. As they say, “Our goal is to create a comprehensive guide to local news and entertainment, delivered on multiple platforms, for anyone interested in what’s happening in the region.”

U Street Girl is proud to announce that the blog is a member of their local blog network. It wasn’t a secret before, but now that they’ve officially launched I wanted to let you readers know. This doesn’t mean really any change for readers of U Street Girl, but rather that TBD readers will often be directed to my blog if I’m a part of their local coverage or I write something that is of interest to DC as a whole.

I’m really excited about TBD as someone interested in media, and glad to be a part of their network. I wish them the best of success. Go check out their website today!

Here are some bits of news that I haven’t covered on my blog just because so many things have been happening that I haven’t completely caught up:

  • Tom Sietsema broke the news that the old indoor Garden District space will become Estadio, a Spanish restaurant from the group that brought you Proof. I loved my birthday dinner at Proof so I’m pretty excited about this development.
  • MPD’s 3rd district listserv has information about a pretty scary altercation that happened at 16th and U on Sunday afternoon – a fight that started in the McDonald’s escalated to someone pulling a gun and hitting a victim with a bat before the assailant got away.
  • Tom Sietsema also reports that there is a new chef at U Street Girl favorite, Creme. Orlando Hitzig, formerly of Columbia Firehouse, will be cooking nightly specials to showcase his cooking, but no fears, Creme lovers, the fabulous shrimp and grits stay on the menu.
  • And, DCist has pictures of a contrary-flow bike lane that has been installed on 15th street from U to Massachusetts Ave.

Here’s a quick round-up of what’s been happening in the ‘hood:

  • The empty building with the big glass windows at 14th and W will become a bike rental shop, says PoP. I thought it might become an art gallery with those windows but guess I was wrong.
  • Up in Columbia Heights, Room 11 has opened. Definitely heading to this place soon.
  • Birch and Barley down on 14th near Thomas Circle might finally have an opening date? Remember when it was supposed to be April 2008? Yikes. The new date is September 2009.

A quick round up of what’s happening in the ‘hood:

  • Oh noes, U street is noisy, becoming like Adams Morgan!
  • Metrocurean has more info about the restaurant/bar from the owners of Local 16, Table 14 (and Barrio in Columbia Heights).
  • Oooh, Hamburger Hell coming to that empty building on 14th and U? 14th and You reports the spot will come via the owners of Policy, and will be a “top shelf” burger joint. U Street Girl votes yes!
  • Tom Sietsema, at WaPo, gives Eatonville two stars, which I would agree with based on my one visit.

An update of what’s happening in the ‘hood:

Here’s your semi-regular round-up of what’s happening in the ‘hood:

Because it’s all I can muster after hours of packing and yelling at various people on the phone to make sure everything will be ready:

See you in a few days for some real blogging once I’m moved into my new place (2 more days left!).

A semi-regular feature where I round-up what’s happening in the hood:

Here’s your semi-regular news update of what’s happening in the U street ‘hood:

  • The Gibson’s expanded their seating two fold by opening up a sweet patio, along with fancy frozen drinks. Awesome! I’m definitely going to have to check this out ASAP.
  • The Perseus project on 14th and W has been stalled because of the economy. Now the new YMCA isn’t expected until late 2011.
  • 14thandYou asks if St Ex is a restaurant or tavern, and what that will do to their liquor license. I say, it’s a restaurant that turns much more bar-like after 10 or 11 pm, but I don’t think there’s a licensing class for that.