Some news regarding the violence in Columbia Heights:

I’m glad that MPD seems to be doing such a good job making timely arrests on these murders. However, I’m sure many share the sentiment that I wish there were no murders to solve.

Last night at approximately 9:15 there was a homicide in Columbia Heights, in an alley at 1300 Columbia Road. The victim died of gun shot(s) sustained during a shooting. MPD’s Third District has all available information on their listserv.

There is very little information on the web other than the Third District listserv. In general, though, I’ve found their listserv is updated regularly and while it doesn’t have a ton of information about crimes committed, it has the basic information, so use that as a resource if you want to learn more about crime happening in the Third District.

The Washington Blade, via DCist, has identified the murder victim on 11th and Q last night as Durval V. Martins, a gay man. He was shot multiple times and all of his valuables were found on him.

This comes at a time of not only heightened violence in the area, but violence against gays, especially in the Shaw and Logan Circle areas. In the past few months…

Not only does there seem to be increased gang violence, the number of hate crimes against the gay community have increased as well. Now, no motive has a been established for the murder victim at 11th and Q, but for some reason I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he happened to be gay.