Sandwich from Taylor II

9th Street Italian from Taylor II

Pretty much every blogger in DC has posted about the new Taylor’s Gourmet in Mt. Vernon Square. Having never made it out to the H Street one (though I have a good friend who lives near by) after the Long View Gallery grand opening, I knew where I was headed. Taylor’s II. I had the 9th Street Italian and my companion had the Benjamin Franklin Parkway (chicken cutlet, marinara, provolone).

Yeah, this place lives up to the hype. The sandwiches were really good, the bread was fabulous. I was kind of surprised how spicy the Benjamin Franklin Parkway’s marinara sauce was, at least in the bites I had (and you’re talking to a girl with a HIGH tolerance for spice). However, it was good, real good. I just wish they were still a little closer to home, but they still do deliver for $2 extra in the U street area, so there’s that.

Long View Gallery

Long View Gallery

I might not cover it enough, but I’m a big art lover, so when I was invited to go to Long View Gallery‘s grand opening at their new, larger location, I had to go. The grand opening features art from some of DC’s best known artists: Dana Ellyn, Steve Pyke, Scott Brooks, and Drew Ernst, for example. And, as mentioned above: the space is huge, we’re talking 5000 square feet of space, pretty perfect for an event, which is why they plan to rent out the space as well as use it for a gallery. It has an unfinished warehouse type feel, not unlike many art galleries in the area.

So, check out the new space, their hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm. And check out some of the featured art at my Flickr photostream.