I’m shocked to read that, according to DCist, Mocha Hut has closed. It was one of my go to places to get breakfast on a weekend, and whenever I was there they always seemed to be crowded. I usually had trouble getting a table if I went in after 10 am.

DCist reports:

According to office staff at the Ellington apartment building, which shares their address, Mocha Hut’s owners had planned to stay open until the end of the month, and unexpectedly decided to close early. Another owner plans to take over the space in April. The new owners reportedly plan to keep the business as a coffee shop, though we don’t yet know what changes they might make to the space or the menu.

I’m sad. I hope the new coffee place is good, but I’m always going to have a place in my heart for Mocha Hut’s breakfasts. It had become a cherished weekend ritual to go there at least once during the weekend to get some breakfast.