Coffee at Mid City Caffe

Such sad news to share on a Friday morning. Mid City Caffe, which opened on my birthday in 2009, is closing on October 1st. Unfortunately, their lease is up for renewal and they decided not to continue. While their location was a bit out of the way,  Mid City definitely had some loyal fans – me among them. Make sure to stop by for one last cup before they close next Saturday. They won’t be opening Mid City Caffe in another location. This is it.

And, this seems like a good time to mention that Mid City Caffe’s downstairs neighbor, Miss Pixies, might be in the same boat. Both of these stores make the U street/Logan Circle neighborhoods a better place to live, so I hope that we can continue to get these kinds of local independent businesses to move to the ‘hood.

Don’t drive off to the suburbs or go online to get your gifts (hi there fellow procrastinators!), instead just walk around your own neighborhood and you’ll be able to find a perfect present for nearly anyone on U street. I love our funky, independent stores, and why not shop at home for the holidays? After reading a few fellow bloggers gift guides, here’s my (not so pretty) gift guide for U street:

Let me know if I left out any other good ideas in the area, and happy shopping!