Metro, courtesy of mlovitt

Just a friendly reminder to y’all that the U Street Metro station, along with Columbia Heights and Shaw, will be closed for this holiday weekend (that no one celebrates except for the Federal government). There will be shuttle buses running, but my suggestion is to either take a bus to where you need to go (like, I don’t know, work Monday morning) or get to an alternate Metro stop (Dupont is the closest) and go from there.

DCist reports that there has been an arrest made in the stabbing in front of the U street metro station on Saturday. The Washington Post reports that the stabbing stemmed from an argument outside of Republic Gardens and that security cameras at the metro station aided in the arrest. The article also reports that more arrests may be made in connection to the stabbing.

I’m glad to see arrests being made so quickly on the violence that has ravaged the area in the past few days. Kudos to police for moving quickly. Don’t I wish though, that the violence hadn’t happened in the first place.

Yikes, this has really been a violent few days in my neighborhood. A teen was stabbed at the U street metro station Saturday night, around 9:20 pm. He actually got on the metro afterwards and then got off at Columbia Heights (presumably to flee from his stabbers?), where he finally received medical attention. The teen’s wounds aren’t  life-threatening.

Holy crap. Between the three incidents I reported on Thursday and the fatal stabbing in Columbia Heights on Friday and this, a lot of blood has been shed. It hasn’t been the most violent few days in DC for the year, but it certainly has been concentrated in my neighborhood and the surrounding ones.  I know my neighborhood is still safe, that these incidents are all most likely gang-related, but it still doesn’t make a girl feel good to know someone was stabbed a block away from where she lives.