Prince of Petworth has the information here. An individual did pass away outside of the park, but it was from a head wound sustained while intoxicated, walking home from a club. How sad. CDR Groomes, who PoP spoke to, said “ABRA is being asked to investigate what actions club took when they put out such an intoxicated patron and their lack of calling the ambulance when he fell.”

DCist is reporting there might have been another stabbing in/right outside of Malcolm X park. Police have apparently cordoned off part of 15th street because of blood on the sidewalk, apparently from a stabbing victim. Dear readers, I would go out and investigate but have you been outside? I nearly melted when I went out late this morning. More info as it comes out on the Internets.

UPDATE: A commenter to the DCist post has claimed to be a friend of the “late victim,” obviously intimating the supposed stabbing victim has died. This is from a commenter on DCist, not exactly the most trusted source of information, so take it with a grain of salt.

I’m on vacation, and this really was not something I wanted to see after spending the day frolicking in the North End and taking a game in at Fenway… but Prince of Petworth is reporting there was a stabbing at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park around 6 pm on Saturday. However, MPD has posted nothing on their listserv so for now I’m seeing this as a unsubstantiated story, and really hoping it isn’t true. I live across the street from the park, go there  often to read/picnic, walk through the park to get to different places, and a stabbing is not really what anyone wants.

I’ll update more on this story as I can.

UPDATE: As of Monday morning, there is still nothing on the MPD listserv and they are very good about posting timely information about crime. I’m calling this a misinformed reader writing into Prince of Petworth after hearing a rumor. I’m sure there was some kind of activity at the park at the time, perhaps a fight, perhaps someone needed medical attention because they were intoxicated, but at this point I don’t believe it was a stabbing.

Waterfalls at the park

Waterfalls at the park

Looking nice. Maybe Memorial Day is when you know it’s summer, but when the water is finally flowing at Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park, that’s when I know.