U Scream Ice Cream

U Scream Ice Cream

Yeah, they’re really fast. PoP asked his readership what Steve Tekle should rename the Maggie Moos that he just took over. Well, the Internet spoke, and it said “U Scream Ice Cream” – and there you have it. This is a great example of Steve listening to what his customers want/suggest. I have yet to be in but will surely check it out soon.

Steve Tekle, owner of new Aroma Bakery and the U Wine and Beer store, told me last week that he was working with the current owner of Maggie Moos on U street to buy all of the equipment and take over their lease. It wasn’t a done deal yet so he didn’t want me to write anything about it on my blog. However, now that Prince of Petworth has confirmed it I guess I can write about it too.

Steve will not be keeping the franchise of Maggie Moos (woo hoo!) but will keep the location as an ice cream shop. When we were talking he said that he thought the location could do a lot better, that the service wasn’t that great andĀ the ice cream was overpricedĀ (part of it being a franchise made the ice cream expensive). I agree with him, and on top of that the ice cream isn’t very good. I can count the number of times I’ve been in Maggie Moos on one hand and I’ve lived in the area nearly 3 years. I’m excited for a better, cheaper ice cream place on U street and wish Steve the best of luck!

Because it’s all I can muster after hours of packing and yelling at various people on the phone to make sure everything will be ready:

See you in a few days for some real blogging once I’m moved into my new place (2 more days left!).