Photo courtesy of Mr. T in DC

I love Solly’s, it has been a favorite for meeting up with friends or catching a football game since I moved to the neighborhood almost five years ago.

Of course, back in the day Solly’s used to serve food – decent bar food that went well with beer. A few years ago they stopped, but now with their expansion into neighboring Madjet, Solly’s will be serving food again and hopefully gain some much needed space in the process. John Solomon, the owner, says that the renovation should take a month and couldĀ  be done as early as the end of February.

However, the question is: what is happening to Madjet? DC Eater (link above) called Madjet and the employee who answered the phone had not heard of Solly’s expansion. So we will see what happens with Madjet.

Beef Tibs, courtesy of Andrea Chiu (Flickr)

Beef Tibs, courtesy of Andrea Chiu (Flickr)

DCist does a review of local Ethiopian restaurant’s tibs dishes, and sort of declares the winners Madjet on U street and Queen Makeda on 9th off of U. Now, I’m more of a kitfo and veggie platter girl myself, but I like tibs, a stir fried or grilled lamb or beef dish, from time to time. I would put however, Etete, my favorite Ethiopian restaurant at the top spot, but DCist didn’t include it in their review (too bad).

Now, I can’t say I’ve ever eaten at either Madjet or Queen Makeda, I tend to stick to Etete for eat in and Dukem for take out. And with all of the choices for Ethiopian in my ‘hood, it’s good to have a few favorites with dishes you know you like, instead of experimenting in what can be some mediocre food, as the DCist reviewer finds out.

Now, what I’d really like to do is cook some Ethiopian food myself, as Dukem’s market sells berbere spices and injera bread. Another post, I guess.