Renovated building at 13th/U

I met with Kim Weeks, owner of Boundless Yoga, this week to talk about the building at 13/U to which her studio will be moving. First, Boundless Yoga will be opening in September – Kim’s lease at her current space at 15/U ends at August 31st so she’s pretty confident they’ll be open in September. The studio will be two floors, 2,500 square feet, have views of the Washington Monument, a rope wall, and offering many more classes. I will hopefully have some more details for you about the interior some time next week.

Now, the news I have about the ground floor leaves me a bit disappointed. Kim confirmed that Georgetown Valet will be the only ground floor retail (sigh). I was hoping something else might come to the space, perhaps something the neighborhood didn’t have a ton of (and that there wasn’t the same store 2 blocks away…) but oh well. No word on when Georgetown Valet will open but I assume it’s around September too.