The Heights Life has more information about the homicide in Columbia Heights via an email from Council member Jim Graham:

According to MPD, just minutes ago, a 25 year old African American was shot dead in what is reportedly a drive by shooting on the 1300 block of Columbia Rd NW. A silver SUV was seen leaving the site. Police indicate that this as a targeted shooting.

There were many shots fired at 1310 Columbia Rd.

Another man with gun shot wounds apparently took himself to MedStar. It is not clear now whether there is any connection between the two shootings.

I’d like some more reporting on this story from local news outlets. I still can find nearly no information on this, let alone on the stabbing that was on my block a week ago. I’m just a lowly blogger with some experience in journalism, but I’m doing my best to stay informed.

UPDATE to the update: DCist is reporting that the homicide victim isn’t 25, but instead 17-year-old Paul Jones. Not sure who to believe, DCist via WJLA or Jim Graham.

Luckily, while I was recently laid off, I’ve gotten some part-time work that might lead to something full-time in the near future. However, as I’m not working full-time, I still qualify for unemployment benefits. I do all the research, go on to DC’s Department of Employment Services website, and find out I can file for unemployment online: sweet.

Oh but, after the fourth page of the application there is just a blank page, it won’t go forward. Great. I’m on Firefox, let’s try on IE. Nope, same problem. Oh but there’s a number to call, let me call them and tell them of the problem. Oh but it’s busy, EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO CALL. How the hell does a DC government office not have the ability to put people on hold? Ridiculous.

OK, let’s try calling one of the One Stop Career Center’s to see if they can help. After 5 times trying to call and getting a busy signal: I get through. Put on hold. Ask, is there anyway I can file over the phone because your website is broken. Lady says, sure here are four number to try to call.

Me: So you’re saying if I call one of these numbers I can file for unemployment over the phone?

Unemployment lady: Yes, ma’am.

Try to call first number: busy. Second number: voice mail, leave a message. Third number: another unemployment lady answers.

Me: So I can file for unemployment through this phone number?

Unemployment lady 2: No. Who told you that?

Me: I called one of your One Stop Career Centers and the woman who answered the phone gave me this number and told me I could.

Unemployment lady 2: Oh you can only do it online or by this number (original number that’s been busy every time I’ve called).

Me: Well I tried that, your website is broken and that number is busy.

Unemployment lady 2: Well that’s the only way you can do it.

Me (Pulling out hair, banging head on laptop keyboard): Can I at least tell you what’s wrong with your website?

I proceed to tell her what’s wrong, she says she’ll “tell someone about it.” Lovely. I sent an email to my council member Jim Graham detailing the mess. I continue to call the ever busy signal number. Will I ever be able to file for unemployment? Time will only tell.