This Saturday is Columbia Heights Day and the inaugural first DC State Fair (yes I realize that’s a bit of a misnomer). From 10 am to 6 pm, throughout Columbia Heights, there will be events at Bloombar (yoga, live music), contests at Tubman Park at 11th and Irving (dog show, cupcake eating contest), and specials at a lot of local restaurants (Wonderland Ballroom, CommonWealth, Meridian Pint).

Local food bloggers Gradually Greener, Modern Domestic, and the Indoor Garden(er) are putting together the DC State Fair – events will take place at Tubman Elementary Field and will include a pie, jam, home brewer, pickle, biggest vegetable, and best tomato contest.  

Amelia of Gradually Greener says, “there are so many organizations in the District with a focus on agriculture, so many community gardens, and so much focus right now on agriculture and home gardening in general, that it would be a disservice to the community NOT to have a gathering to celebrate urban agriculture! And D.C. is full of people who love cooking, baking, home canning, and so forth. Anywhere else in the country, you’d be able to enter your prize tomato or secret-recipe pie in the county fair. We thought D.C. residents should have the same opportunity.”

Amen Amelia! I’m excited to check everything out, it sounds like the weather will be perfect Saturday – so see you there!

From the farmers' market

From the farmers' market

A large bunch of asparagus, spring onions, 2 apples, 3 pears, a large bag of salad greens, and 2 stems of lilacs (sigh, I love lilacs).

Plans for these include an asparagus and spring onion pizza (stay tuned later in the week for more about that), a salad with the apples and salad greens, and some pears to snack on.

Also, it was nice to see that there was a new pasta and jam stand, made by Stefano Frigerio, formerly of Maestro and another stand that seems to be poultry based: eggs, chicken, goose, and duck (this would have helped immensely in December where I couldn’t find duck legs or duck fat anywhere).

And most exciting for me, the guys from Garners Produce let me know that they’d have strawberries next week. Joy!