Dear readers, apologies for my relative radio silence the past few weeks. My life has gotten a bit hectic. Here’s a round-up of news around the ‘hood:

  • 14thandYou reports that it the Italian Shirt Laundry, which was supposed to come to the vacant dry cleaners at 14th and Q, is no longer. It seems that the project has been abandoned because of unexpectedly high cleanup costs. Bummer – no word about what could come to the space now. The good news is, the Italian Cinema restaurant slated for further down on 14th street is still a go.
  • Prince of Petworth reports that Dodge City has applied for garden seating. No word on exactly where this garden seating will be. They’ll be opening garden seating behind the first floor bar.
  • PoP also reports that a restaurant is coming to the long vacant postal office at the corner of 14th and T (no not the one that is about to close on 14th street – this one is on T street proper). The restaurant will appropriately be named “the Post Office Bistro.” The owners describe the restaurant as a casual and relaxed bistro serving an extensive weekend brunch. They plan on sidewalk and summer garden seating.
  • And a reminder for you taco fans, El Centro D.F. – coming to 14th and S street, looks pretty poised to open by its promised Cinco de Mayo opening date.

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, your dear blogger has been battling a pretty rough stomach bug. But I’m feeling better, and here are some links to what’s been happening in the ‘hood:

  • Demolition is starting for the District Condos project at 14th/S, as construction is pretty much booming along 14th street with the start of the YMCA project at 14/W and the old Nehemiah Center at 14/Belmont.
  • 14thandYou has some good updates on various restaurant projects on the 14th street corridor, including news about Italian Shirt Laundry.
  • MOVA Lounge, the gay bar that used to be at P and 14th, is looking to reopen on U Street.

New restaurant coming here (courtesy of NCinDC)


Well this is exciting news for the 14th street corridor. Tom Sietsema reported in his weekly chat this morning that two new restaurants are coming to 14th street.  

Sietsema says Whisk Group and Abdo Development have partnered to bring Italian Shirt Laundry, at 1601 14th St. NW (at Q street) (named after the longstanding dry cleaners that used to be at the location).  Italian Shirt Laundry will be a combination pizzeria and bakery. 

The second restaurant will be Italian Cinema, at 1404 14th St., NW (between P and Rhode Island), will serve pasta, charcuterie and screen Italian films on the restaurant’s roof. 

The groups hope the restaurants will open sometime this year. Who’s excited?