Thanks so much to Lauren for offering to feature me in her weekly blogger spotlight! You can check out my interview, along with my thoughts on DC cuisine and how I got into blogging on Lauren’s blog, Capital Cooking.

I’m happy to announce that I accepted a job offer this morning, as a technical writer with a government contractor. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to find a job so quickly in this tanking economy, with the unemployment rate only growing. To think, I was only unemployed for a week, searching for less than a month, and actually only went on one interview before I got a good offer.

And excitingly, I’m making more money and have better benefits than I had at my old job. Being a technical writer for a government contractor isn’t what I saw myself doing, but in this economy such a good package was hard to turn down. Even though my unemployment claim had come through and I had some part-time work, I still prefer the security of a full-time job. And isn’t always better to be working than sitting on your ass collecting unemployment.