Chidogo's closing

The closing of Chidogo’s was inevitable, with the Utopia project coming to the southwest corner of 14th and U. Neighboring restaurants had already closed, and Chidogo’s will shutter its doors November 11. The hot dog spot opened in November of last year – I had only stopped in a few times but appreciated a non-McDonalds fast food option for a late night snack.

Chidogo’s will be opening other locations in the area, but it’s not clear if they will be returning to their 14th and U location after construction finishes at the Utopia project.

Chidogo's opening Monday

If you missed the announcement on Twitter: Chidogo’s is opening on Monday. I walked by last weekend and saw that the all the tables/chairs are set up, so I figured it couldn’t be long. So get excited! We’ve certainly waited long enough.

Almost open

They have the brown paper down and look to be putting the finishing touches on the inside space. I say it’s a day or two more, tops.


Sign is up at Chidogo's, courtesy of Ron


Must mean they’ll be close to meeting their target opening date, mid-October. I say keep your eyes on the place opening in the next week. Thanks to reader Ron for sending in the picture.

Grand Opening in... stars 2010

I noticed that the sign announcing ChiDogO’s opening in the summer had been amended. Now Missy Frederick of the Washington Business Journal wrote about them opening and linked to their website. ChiDogO’s plans on opening in mid-October. Now, unfortunately they have not rethought their name (and are writing it ChiDogO’s – cringe) but their website has a lot of information.

The guy opening it is Chicago native Bob Hisaoka. The menu has hot dogs and Italian sandwiches, with prices ranging from the affordable $1.79 to $13.99 for a combo meal. They will also be serving Goose Island beer and fried pickle spears.

Chidogo coming this summer

Well with this logo sign I think my hope that Chidogo’s was just a temporary name is lost. There’s a sign up now saying that it will open this summer, so it looks like they’re hoping for a quick turnaround with the licenses etc. We’ll see. I did some googling on the name and it doesn’t seem to be a chain (so I’m not sure why they’re sticking with this name…) but also means I can’t find much more info about the restaurant than what’s on the license.