Drinking the Yuppie Koolaid?

There are either some very intrepid graffiti artists or I was wrong and the forthcoming wine bar/bakery at 14th and U will be keeping the cool graffiti on the side of the building and even adding to it. Notice the new Yuppie Koolaid sticker (hehehe).

UPDATE: Or maybe not. As I was walking home I saw that the Yuppie Koolaid poster was pretty ripped down, maybe it was intrepid graffiti artists? There were also a few workers there around 8 pm building what looked like cabinets.


No cool street art after all

I had hoped the wine bar/bakery place that will open (when? I’m not sure) on 14th street just north of U would keep all of the cool graffiti and street art on the side of the walls. But, I noticed they painted over the homeless man protesting the closing of a shelter so I can only guess the rest will follow. I thought it would add cool decor to the place and remind you of the history of the space. Oh well.

What a sad sight

What a sad sight

This is (or was?) a sweet business sign for the hair dresser on 14th street between U and Wallach (or is it Wallach and T?) but it’s been nearly ruined by graffiti. Check out the sign in its former glory over at PoP (ok not complete glory but before the graffiti ruined it). Sad sight. And sorry for all of the parenthesis in this post, it just made sense as I was writing it.

UPDATE: Even sadder, I walked by on Saturday and now the sign has been completely painted over.