Go Mama Go! (courtesy of NCinDC)

Well, it seems that after announcing over a year ago that they would close, Go Mama Go will close at the end of the month. I’m sad to see them finally close, but as they made the announcement so long ago, I’ve made peace with it. Make sure to stop by and say your goodbyes before the end of March.

And, to soften the blow, word is that Current Boutique, the nice consignment store will be coming to the same space in May. Current Boutique currently has locations in Clarendon and Old Town Alexandria.

Go Mama Go! (courtesy of NCinDC)

Go Mama Go! made the announcement that they were closing back in January at the end of March. Well it’s the end of July now and the store shows no sign of closing. For a while they were clearly clearing their inventory and had everything on sale, they even had signs on the windows saying so. But now it doesn’t appear that they are selling off their inventory at all. Of course, as I tried to load their website, it didn’t work. But I walked by Friday and they were open.

I apologize that I don’t have any information on this, bad lazy blogger, but does anyone know why they’re still open? Are they not closing? Because I would be one happy girl if they don’t close.

Go Mama Go! (courtesy of NCinDC)

Well this really is sad news. Go Mama Go!, the eclectic arts and gifts store on 14th street near S, is closing after nearly 10 years on the block. Go Mama Go! was truly a pioneer of our neighborhood, one of the first stores to open on a stretch of pawn shops, car dealerships, and empty/abandoned storefronts. The owner, Noi Chudnoff, who died in 2007, really was an ambassador for the neighborhood, a champion of gay rights, a lover of the arts.

The store continued on after Noi’s death, but in a press release (via Borderstan) the current owner of the store, Jonathan Chudnoff, her husband, explained that after Noi died and because of the economic downturn in general, the store was closing. They will be having a going out of business sale through January, and close some time in February or March, until the building owner finds a new tenant.

How sad, please visit Go Mama Go! before they close, and tell them how much they’ve meant for the neighborhood and how much they’ll be missed.

Don’t drive off to the suburbs or go online to get your gifts (hi there fellow procrastinators!), instead just walk around your own neighborhood and you’ll be able to find a perfect present for nearly anyone on U street. I love our funky, independent stores, and why not shop at home for the holidays? After reading a few fellow bloggers gift guides, here’s my (not so pretty) gift guide for U street:

Let me know if I left out any other good ideas in the area, and happy shopping!