Pitango gelato

Pitango gelato

Gelato, I love it. I love the wider array of flavors, the creamier, smoother texture. I like Dolcezza and enjoy that it’s sold at 14th and U’s farmers market, but have trouble spending $6 for half of a pint. I then saw myself shelling out $6.50 for a large at Pitango Gelato. It ain’t cheap. What was more ridiculous was their $11 and $22 take home sizes. Yeah.

This isn’t an everyday place to stop by at (at least for us mortals not making big bucks). But I must say, what I had was good. Pictured, three sorbets: concord grape, white grapefruit, and tangerine, and two gelatos: crema and vanilla chocolate chip. The texture on the sorbet was excellent, not icy or hard like most sorbets you get. The flavor on the concord grape and tangerine was spot on: saturated yet refreshing. The white grapefruit was a little more subtle, and it took me really trying to taste much flavor out of it. The crema and vanilla chocolate chip were solid, but I’d like to taste some of their more inventive flavors as well (chocolate noir, bourbon vanilla, anyone?). While the larges were expensive, they did do a good job of packing it full of gelato/sorbet – they gave me more than I thought I would I get.

So the verdict: thumbs up for the flavor, a meh for the pricing. I appreciate it’s all organic but I do wish it were a bit more affordable. It’s a special treat once and a while, not a place to go every hot day when you’re craving something cool.

Because it’s all I can muster after hours of packing and yelling at various people on the phone to make sure everything will be ready:

See you in a few days for some real blogging once I’m moved into my new place (2 more days left!).