This news broke earlier in the week, but your blogger was in the midst of an awful viral infection and didn’t have the energy to write. Garden District has closed, which is such a bummer for me. Garden District is where I got my summer herbs, my Christmas tree, and presents for friends. I loved having it in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, after declaring bankruptcy in 2009, Joe Carmack, the owner, stated on the business’s website that it just didn’t make sense to go on.  Beyond the farmer’s market reopening, my favorite part of spring is always swinging by Garden District to pick up some plants. They will be missed.

Progress at burger spot

Thanks to reader Ron for sending this picture in. It looks like a lot of progress has been made at the forthcoming burger spot opening in the old Garden District space at 14th and S. They have benches out and seems like some work has been done on the inside. Plus they have those lights strung up. After all the trouble the place was having opening up, I’m glad to see progress. I would probably hedge my bets that they’ll be open once warmer weather is here to stay.

Now to be a beer/burger place

Via Prince of Petworth, there’s an application for a “New restaurant serving hamburgers and french fries with 15 seats. Occupancy load of 170. Request a sidewalk cafe with a seating capacity of 67 and summer garden with a seating capacity of 63.” A PoP reader also heard the summer garden would be a beer garden, sounds awesome!

What about Crepes on the Corner?

After 14thandYou broke the news that Garden District was filing for bankruptcy, they made a point to mention that Garden District’s new venture, Crepes on the Corner, wouldn’t be affected. Yet when I walked by over the weekend, the sign that had been up announcing Crepes on the Corner is coming soon was gone, and a sign for office space for lease was up.

More Internet research showed that I was right, there will be no Crepes on the Corner. A post up on the Garden District listserv announced that the owners of Garden District (I assume) couldn’t come to an agreement “regarding the formation of the operating agreement and LLC.” So the space is up for rent.

So the crepe wars on 14th street are over before they began.

Daniel Lobo

Garden District, courtesy of Daniel Lobo (Flickr)

14thandYou is reporting that Garden District has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This is such a sad development, though it does make sense (they closed their indoor store and consolidated to one location recently). They will be open through at least Christmas, though their fate is not quite clear after that.

I am Garden District shopper. I’ve read complaints on various blogs, but for the apartment dweller with a balcony on which to garden, they’ve been perfect. First, it’s an easy walk, and the accessibility is key for someone who doesn’t have a car. I always buy my herbs there each summer, and am looking forward to purchasing my first DC Christmas tree there in December. It’s perfect for the urban dweller that doesn’t want to drive out to Home Depot or whatever and has basic needs. I really hope they’re able to stay open, it would be a big blow to the area if they close.

Crepes on the Corner, coming soon

Crepes on the Corner, coming soon

There is a huge sign at the old Garden District space announcing that a crepe place, Crepes on the Corner, is coming soon. AND as Prince of Petworth heard, there is another crepe place opening in Circle Boutique’s old space. The owners of the one at the old Garden District space will be those from Garden District (makes sense) and they have an ETA at December. Kind of crazy that two crepe places are going to be opening pretty much across the street from each other. Do people really think that the area can support two crepe places?

Garden District, courtesy of Daniel Lobo (Flickr)

Garden District, courtesy of Daniel Lobo (Flickr)

Sorry for no actual picture of the new place, but I drove by it on Saturday and saw that Garden District had moved and is now open at their new location across the street at 14th and S. More info can be found on their listerv:

We’re at our new location -1740 14th St., NW- just caddy corner to the Outside Shop at 14th and S St.  We’re settling in and we LOVE the new space.  It’s so much bigger to work in for organizing and displaying plants.  I think you’ll find it easier too to visualize great plant combinations and get great ideas for your garden.

The inside shop area will be finished next week.  There we will carry all the interior plants and pottery we had before at the Inside Shop at 14th and Church St.  We plan to keep this shop open during the winter months as well.

I haven’t checked it out, but will in the coming weeks. Anyone been in the new location? What did you think?

Here’s a round-up of news in the ‘hood:

Some of these news items are a little old, but since I was away for a long weekend I wanted to catch everyone up in case you missed it:

  • U street is the subject of the new Washington Post feature, Scene In. Pretty cool, especially if you’re into fashion and love U street. (Note: video starts playing when you click on the link.)
  • On Saturday, Deborah Ann Brown was murdered on 14th and Harvard. It is believed she was an innocent bystander. A 17-year-old, Devonte Carlton, was arrested for the murder. Now, it might just be coincidence, but when I saw that name it looked familiar. That’s because Lafonte Lurie Carlton was arrested back in January for two area murders. Are they related? I don’t know, but it is strange that they share the same last name, at the least.
  • Garden District is moving across the street to the other side of 14th and S and consolidating its inside and outdoor stores, meaning both of their current locations will close.