Scott Brooks with his painting "Boldly Going"

So, yeah, you might have some plans this weekend. Perhaps, maybe. But let me tell you about some other things happening this weekend that are worth checking out:

  • Scott Brooks (remember the profile I did on him?) has a show at Long View (9th/N), entitled “We the People.” The opening reception is Friday night at 6:30 and then the show will run for a month, through November 28th. Scott is a local artist who does really interesting, fabulous work – so go out and support him!
  • Transformer (14/P) is having an open house for their new exhibition, Tang: Freedom & Its Owner on Saturday from 1 to 7 pm. There will be flavored coffee and chocolates from ACKC to nibble on.
  • At the 14/ U Street farmers market, there will be a ton of cute things to celebrate Halloween. There will be a costume contest with prizes for kids and dogs at 11 am. There will be prizes for best girl, best boy. and best dog. There are also a lot of food to buy related to Halloween: there will be half price on pumpkins and many winter squashes at Kuhn. And I’ve been meaning to try Copper Pot’s pumpkin truffle soup, it went fast last week so get there early. And of course, you can buy your pumpkin whoopie pies at Pecan Meadow.
Capturing the energy monster through wisdom no. 9, Wang Mai

Capturing the energy monster through wisdom no. 9, Wang Mai

Meridian International Center, which I’ve gone to before, is currently having an exhibit of contemporary Chinese art, called Metropolis Now! I checked it out, and there were some fabulous pieces and some stranger ones, but it was sure fun. The types of media, styles, and subject matter really show the diversity of the Chinese people and their art world. Some pieces were confounding (like the one to the left), some really arrested me in their beauty.

The exhibit looks at how the Chinese are adapting to urbanization, modernization, and globalization (and any other -izations you can think of). Meridian International Center collaborated with the National Art Museum of China to curate the exhibit.

The exhibit is open until July 26 and the hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 2-5. The exhibit is free, so check it out.

See some of the pieces of art at my Flickr stream.