The other day, waiting to cross the street to head to the metro, I see, like I do nearly every day, someone blatantly run the red light. Being a pedestrian who is maybe a bit aggressive, I cross the street when I have the right of way, and the car running the red stops to let me go (nice enough I guess) and then proceeds to run the red light.

There was a cop parked at the block. There’s often a cop parked at my block, and it didn’tĀ  even occur to me to think the cop would do anything. But lo and behold, the cop turns his sirens on, chases after the driverĀ (Maryland, I might add), pulls him over, and I assume proceeds to give him a ticket.

How nice, to see our cops doing things, stopping bad drivers, it really made me smile. I’m not sure if that’s sad. But, so often you don’t see cops give a second glance to bad or illegal driving. It warmed my heart and my morning.