Burger delivery heaven

Thursday night I was planning on making a healthy Asian stir fry, but when I got home I decided I needed something more comforting and substantial. Then I remembered reading about how Desperado’s is doing delivery. Burgers delivered? So many things could go wrong – but I went for it anyway.

And I was not disappointed. As you can tell with this sloppy photo, I had a wonderful medium rare (as I requested) burger. So lest you be skeptical: Desperado’s was able to deliver a great burger to my apartment, about 4 blocks away from their restaurant. And, you can order everything completely online: which is perfect after a long day when you want to keep human interaction to a minimum.

Desperado’s delivers to the U Street and Columbia Heights neighborhoods. There is a $15 minimum. I ended up waiting about an hour on a Thursday night: but it was well worth it (which, by the way, was conveyed on their website at the time I placed my order).

Here’s the buzz about restaurants in the neighborhood:

  • Borderstan has the scoop on two new restaurants coming to 14th street: work has started on Standard (14/S) the burger joint opening in the former Garden District space. Also, a coming soon sign has been put up on the Peregrine spot (14/R).
  • Prince of Petworth posted this rumor (in capital letters, nothing is confirmed) that Cafe Nema and MoMo’s (13/U), who reside in the same converted rowhouse, might be closing Tuesday. He didn’t have any information about why or for what. So, take this scuttlebutt with a grain of salt. I certainly wouldn’t want to see these places close.
  • Tom Sietsema has the scoop on Jeff Black’s new restaurant, Pearl Dive, coming to 14/Corcoran. The spot will have a bocce court (new it thing?) and serve seafood stew, po boys, pasta, and fried chicken. ETA is Valentine’s Day 2011.
  • Justin Rude of the Going Out Gurus had nice things to say about the New Orleans-tinted Desperado’s (13/U). I have to go soon. It’s on the list!
  • 14thandYou talks about the possibility of the Saloon leaving its location at 12th and U because of disputes with the liquor licensing board.

The sign is up!

So the sign is up for Desperado’s, the burger and bar place coming to the old Polly’s location. Looking good, I’d expect they’d open within a week or two. (And I’m a bad blogger, sorry for the poor quality photo).