Burger delivery heaven

Thursday night I was planning on making a healthy Asian stir fry, but when I got home I decided I needed something more comforting and substantial. Then I remembered reading about how Desperado’s is doing delivery. Burgers delivered? So many things could go wrong – but I went for it anyway.

And I was not disappointed. As you can tell with this sloppy photo, I had a wonderful medium rare (as I requested) burger. So lest you be skeptical: Desperado’s was able to deliver a great burger to my apartment, about 4 blocks away from their restaurant. And, you can order everything completely online: which is perfect after a long day when you want to keep human interaction to a minimum.

Desperado’s delivers to the U Street and Columbia Heights neighborhoods. There is a $15 minimum. I ended up waiting about an hour on a Thursday night: but it was well worth it (which, by the way, was conveyed on their website at the time I placed my order).

DC Noodles

DC Noodles

I ordered delivery from DC Noodles last night, partially because I had nothing in the fridge and partially because I wanted to try out the food after seeing it had recently opened. My companion and I ordered crispy chicken wontons to start, and then drunken noodles and noodles in spicy soup. The wontons were good, if not a little strange looking. The drunken noodles had a nice amount of heat and were a good version of the classic Thai dish. The noodles in spicy soup were tasty, the broth had a lot of complex flavors going on, but at least to my taste it wasn’t particularly spicy. The servings were plentiful and I now have leftovers of the drunken noodles and noodles in spicy soup in the fridge. Delivery was relatively fast for 8 on a Friday night, a little more than 30 minutes. I was going to take pictures of the food, but it really wasn’t very pretty in its takeout containers, I imagine when they’re served in the restaurant the dishes are much more pleasing to the eye.

So, overall, a thumbs up, though the heat level wasn’t that high for the “spicy” noodles.