Between what U Street Cafe is tweeting and MPD’s Third District daily crime report (scroll down to the fourth to last entry), we can cobble together some information about what happened Sunday morning. U Street Cafe was robbed before they opened, according to MPD a little after 5 am. They identify the method as “2,” classifying it as a 2nd Degree Burglary, meaning the burglar was not in contact with the victim. I’m not sure what this means but I hope everyone at U Street Cafe is doing well and that MPD can catch the burglar.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, Sommer Mathis from TBD was able to the leg-work reporting on this. A suspect or suspects entered through the back entrance and stole $200 from the cash register. They may have had a key, as there was no evidence of forced entry. Nothing else was taken.

Though I have to take exception on her characterization of the 1300 block of U Street as “no stranger to crime” based on one other robbery 2 years ago.

There was a shooting on the 2500 block of Mozart Place in Adams Morgan Wednesday night around 9:15. Dave Stroup has been live tweeting on the scene, 1 adult male was taken to the hospital and died from his injuries. Dave has really been doing an excellent job reporting this story.

I will update as more information as available.

MPD has made an arrest in the murder of Victor Chigoziri MBA-Jonas, Jr., age 20, who was shot on the 2500 block of 17th street (around the corner from Harris Teeter) on June 27th and died of his injuries last week. MPD arrested Torain Devon Adams, an 18-year-old male from Northwest, DC yesterday morning and charged him with murder in the first degree.

I’m glad MPD was able to arrest a suspect in this murder, my thoughts go out to Victor’s family and friends.

Around 4 am Saturday, there was a robbery and stabbing in Columbia Heights, at Fairmont and 11th street. MPD says that two females were robbed by two males, at which time the females fled from the scene and “obtained assistance from several citizens” (um, why weren’t you calling 911 instead?). Then, these “citizens” confronted the two men who robbed these women, and one of the suspects had a knife and stabbed one of the “citizens” in the chest. The victim is in stable condition.

With the limited information that MPD released, I originally questioned these people’s actions. I apologize if I offended anyone. The only point I wanted to make was: a crime gets committed, you call 911. It’s dangerous to confront individuals that just committed a crime, especially one of like a robbery.

MPD announced an arrest in the May 15th homicide of Marcus Robinson, who was killed on the corner of 14th street and Columbia Road. Here’s more information about the shooting from Jim Graham. MPD hasn’t released any information about the suspect who was arrested. I’m glad to see that MPD has a pretty good track record of making arrests following homicides in the Columbia Heights area. I wish there weren’t homicides to be made arrests for…

The Washington City Paper is reporting the suspect is 28-year-old Robert Larry Brock of Beltsville.

MPD announced last night that they made an arrest in the afternoon shooting outside of the Columbia Heights metro Thursday afternoon. The suspect is 19-year-old Devyn Lavar Black. He will be charged with assault with a dangerous weapon (not attempted homicide?). In the words of Inspector Jacob Kishter, “As a result of the arrest, a dangerous gang member has been taken off of the streets.”

DCist is reporting, with confirmation from Jim Graham, that the suspect was an intern at Graham’s office. Wow.

Two men were shot outside of the Five Guys at 14th and Irving in Columbia Heights around 3 pm today. The extent of their injuries isn’t known, and the surrounding area (including the metro entrance on that side of the street) has been shut down.

UPDATE: The details surrounding this shooting have come out. The argument that precipitated the shooting seems to have started at an orientation for DC’s controversial Summer Jobs Program, continued on the metro, and erupted into gunfire at Columbia Heights. A bystander was grazed in the leg, and the victim involved in the fight was shot multiple times in the legs. He is in stable condition.