Smucker Farms sign up

Great to see a lot of progress on the Smucker Farms storefront. After getting some building permits last month, you can see that they are making a lot of progress on the location – the most obvious being that the sign is up. Looking good. I’ve asked the owner if he has an opening date in mind, and will update the post if he gets back to me.


Smucker Farms

While it’s been nearly six months since I wrote that Smucker Farms, a farm to grocery store business would open on 14th street between V and W – there is finally some progress. I was happy to see a building permit for interior renovation pasted on the window and to notice that the exterior has recently been painted. No ETA from the business, but after quite a few months of no changes – it’s great to see them moving forward.

courtesy of prettywar-stl

Continuing in my theme of “they’re almost here” posts in the past week, I’ve heard word that Dunkin’ Donuts will be opening i’s new shop on 14th and U next week. As faithful readers may know, I’m a Massachusetts native and therefore, a big Dunkin’ fan. While we might be bemoaning other chains that are opening on this block, I’m excited for this one. Soon I no longer will have to make the trudge up the hill to get my Dunkin’ fix in Columbia Heights.

Vintage furniture shop, Foundry, is close to opening in Boundless Yoga’s old space on U Street. They posted an update on their website over the weekend (hat tip to Quarter Life for the link) with some fabulous vintage furniture that they will have in the shop. Not exactly furniture on a budget, but beautiful stuff. They estimate they will open in the next few weeks. Excited for Foundry to open, it will add to the eye candy on the 1500 block of U Street.

Inside of Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

I know I haven’t covered the development of Jeff Black’s new oyster place coming to 14th and Corcoran very carefully, but boy was I happy to see how close it is to opening. Walking by this past weekend, it looked days from opening its doors. In fact, it looks like it will be opening next week. Hooray for more oyster options in the neighborhood. And don’t forget the bocce they will offer too.

Perfection, courtesy of

I love Taylor Gourmet sandwiches and often travel for them, so you know I will be in trouble when they are mere minutes from where I live. The news broke in June that Taylor would be opening in the Ruff & Ready space (sob) and now we have an ETA on the store: November.

Thanks to Tim Carman over at a Washington Post for providing more details: they will start demolition work this week on the 14th Street location and it should open in mid-November. In other news: they are now allowing condiments on their sandwiches, which is great I guess – but they are pretty good without them.

No word where Ruff & Ready will re-open, but I hope they find a new space soon.

A new furniture store will becoming to the 1500 block of U Street, in Boundless Yoga’s old space. Foundry Vintage Furniture will offer vintage, antique, reclaimed, and repurposed finds. The store hopes to open in early August. Glad to see that the old Boundless space is getting used, and I think it will be a great addition to the creative corner that the 1500 block of U Street has become.