Vintage furniture shop, Foundry, is close to opening in Boundless Yoga’s old space on U Street. They posted an update on their website over the weekend (hat tip to Quarter Life for the link) with some fabulous vintage furniture that they will have in the shop. Not exactly furniture on a budget, but beautiful stuff. They estimate they will open in the next few weeks. Excited for Foundry to open, it will add to the eye candy on the 1500 block of U Street.

Inside of Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

I know I haven’t covered the development of Jeff Black’s new oyster place coming to 14th and Corcoran very carefully, but boy was I happy to see how close it is to opening. Walking by this past weekend, it looked days from opening its doors. In fact, it looks like it will be opening next week. Hooray for more oyster options in the neighborhood. And don’t forget the bocce they will offer too.

Perfection, courtesy of

I love Taylor Gourmet sandwiches and often travel for them, so you know I will be in trouble when they are mere minutes from where I live. The news broke in June that Taylor would be opening in the Ruff & Ready space (sob) and now we have an ETA on the store: November.

Thanks to Tim Carman over at a Washington Post for providing more details: they will start demolition work this week on the 14th Street location and it should open in mid-November. In other news: they are now allowing condiments on their sandwiches, which is great I guess – but they are pretty good without them.

No word where Ruff & Ready will re-open, but I hope they find a new space soon.

A new furniture store will becoming to the 1500 block of U Street, in Boundless Yoga’s old space. Foundry Vintage Furniture will offer vintage, antique, reclaimed, and repurposed finds. The store hopes to open in early August. Glad to see that the old Boundless space is getting used, and I think it will be a great addition to the creative corner that the 1500 block of U Street has become.

Lost Society

Last night I checked out a preview of Lost Society, opening in a week in the long vacant building on the corner of 14th and U. The building – in which Lost Society takes up the top 2 floors – has been beautifully restored, with exposed brick work, a large amount of chandeliers, a beautiful bar, and a gorgeous roof deck.

Beyond the beautiful design, the food served at the media preview was great. Samples of the menu, my favorites were hands down the steak (it is going to be a “boutique” steakhouse after all), the stuffed lobster, the zucchini ribbons, and the mac and cheese. Appetizers run from $6 to $12, with mains starting at $14 and going up to $29. Heading up the chef is Joseph Evans, formerly at Smith and Wollensky.

My final impressions of the place can be summed up as: beautiful design, good food, and the place is going to be slammed the second it opens. It might become on of those places, as Yogi Berra says “No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.”

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Teaism, courtesy of kalvinka

This is such wonderful news for the U street area – Teaism will be opening in the Moderno building at 12th and U. The local chain just signed a lease to open their fourth location in the D.C. area on U street. Very excited to have quality tea, those fabulous mango lassis, salty oat cookies, and some naan to munch on soon. No word on an opening date, but let’s hope that it’s soon.

Fish and chips (not from Codmother) courtesy of David Ascher

The British pub serving classics like fish and chips, Codmother, is set to open very soon on U Street, in the former Cafe Nema space. The soft open was Monday – which means the restaurant should be open for good in a few days. Check out a preview of the menu – very minimalist.

The lot to become El Rey in 2009

Prince of Petworth noticed there is a liquor license application up on U Street, in the lot next to Dodge City, for a seasonal taco stand. Called El Rey, it will have a summer garden with a capacity 150 people. There used to a be a U-Haul rental center at this location. I’m doing a bit more research to see if I can find out who is behind this venture, but haven’t come up with anything as of yet.

Now, I’m a lover of tacos – but after a recent trip to San Francisco, I’m a bit skeptical. Yes, guys what they say is true – the tacos are so much better on the West coast. I hope this taco place will actually be good, instead of just building on a burgeoning trend.

Not that my lovely readers aren’t on the up and up while I’m on vacation, but here’s some big news items that happened around the ‘hood while I was away:

  • The biggest news is, of course, that Taylor Gourmet is coming to 14th and T. I love Taylor’s sandwiches, I often travel out of my way to eat them, and this is great news. The biggest bummer is the business they are replacing, U Street Girl favorite Ruff and Ready. Ruff and Ready has moved locations before, so here’s hoping they find a new home, hopefully in the area. Taylor says they aim to open this fall, but if you’ve been in that space – you know it’s going to take a lot of work – so I wouldn’t bank on it.
  • A new bar will also be opening at the corner of 12th and U, above the Islander (phew, for a second I though the Islander was closing). Named Happy Hour (really? let’s try to fix that name), it will serve light food and have games like Skiball as well as Wii. Sounds like a good concept, but I hope they change the name.

Liquor License application up at 14/W

It appears that Mova, that used to be at 14th/P, and said they would try to reopen along the U Street corridor, is indeed opening along the U Street corridor. Formerly Bicycle Stations, there is now a liquor license application for a martini lounge and tapas style restaurant at 2204 14th Street.

They are looking to have a capacity of 199, with a summer garden and live music. When Mova was on 14th/P it was an upscale gay bar. Not clear if it will continue in that vein up the block at 14/W yet.