MPD announced an arrest in the May 15th homicide of Marcus Robinson, who was killed on the corner of 14th street and Columbia Road. Here’s more information about the shooting from Jim Graham. MPD hasn’t released any information about the suspect who was arrested. I’m glad to see that MPD has a pretty good track record of making arrests following homicides in the Columbia Heights area. I wish there weren’t homicides to be made arrests for…

The Washington City Paper is reporting the suspect is 28-year-old Robert Larry Brock of Beltsville.

A sad round-up. It’s not been a great few days…

The 1300 block of Columbia Road is quickly becoming the most violent in Columbia Heights, if not the city. Friday night at 7 pm, there was another shooting where a 51-year-old man suffered gunshot wounds on his wrist and thigh. He is expected to recover from his injuries.

Meanwhile, the light tower on the block that was meant to deter violent crimes, was turned off/absent at the time of the shooting. Officer Edward Delgado promises that he has “directed that a light tower be deployed into the area to ensure that these bandits to [sic] not use the darkness of the night to facilitate illegal activities.”

Jim Graham has also posted on the MPD 3rd district listserv voicing his concern over the light tower:

Where was the Light Tower, which had been there and operative for weeks since the Paul Jones was murdered in January. And, if there was no light tower, why was it taken away? Who is responsible here? How many police were on the block?

The Light Tower was off last night. Shots were fired. It was not there earlier tonight. Shots were fired.

One would think, after last night’s violence, that all measures would be taken on what is now a block riddled with gang warfare.

Amen, Jim Graham. This block needs to be highly policed and all possible measures need to be implemented to decrease the violence.